Edifier K800 Gaming Headset

We are big fans of Edifier here, after recently trying out some of their newer speaker systems & headphones and what we didnt realise, is they do also offer a few gaming headsets. It makes sense, they can m...

Edifier W800BT Headphone Review

We've had a few Edifier products in the office recently, mainly speakers, such as the impressive Edifier R2730DB's, but now we move onto the next chapter, headphones. Yes Edifier make headphones, they have a fe...

Edifier R2730DB Active Speaker Review

A couple months back, we checked out the Edifier Luna HD speakers and they we're brilliant, we fell In love. Edifier got back in touch with another pair of speakers, the R2730DB to be exact, and regardless of t...

Edifier Luna HD Speaker Review

We recently found out about Edifier, after they sent us over a pair of their bookshelf speakers and we were very impressed with both performance and appearance. They have now sent another pair of speakers, a pa...