WD My Passport Portable SSD Review

Western Digital, or WD as they prefer to be called now, have been manufacturing data storage devices for quite some time and they continue to improve the performance & capabilities of their hard drives with each release. This is no more apparent than with ...
vq rosie-lee dab radio

VQ Rosie-Lee DAB Radio Review

So it looks like our time with retro looking digital radios are coming to an end, and that's all thanks to the very good looking Rosie-Lee DAB Radio from British manufacturers VQ. And to tell you the truth, thi...
tplink Archer C2300 router

TP-Link Archer C2300 Review

The wireless router industry is a minefield. There are numbers everywhere, little changes in those numbers mean big changes in reality. Wireless speeds advertised on the box aren't really the speeds you're goin...
Dell S2419HM Monitor

Dell S2419HM Monitor Review

Dell has released a fair range of HDR monitors of late, and it's no different here with the Dell S2419HW. Although these HDR image qualities are only claimed, as it depends on the backlight technology to achiev...

Nokia Steel HR Review

We all know Nokia, for bringing us the most robust mobile phones back in the early 2000's, such as the iconic 3310, and since that boom, they dropped off the radar. They have attempted to come back with new mob...

Edifier K800 Gaming Headset

We are big fans of Edifier here, after recently trying out some of their newer speaker systems & headphones and what we didnt realise, is they do also offer a few gaming headsets. It makes sense, they can m...

iDual Remote Control Lamp Review

iDual are a lighting manufacturer, specialising in high efficient LED lamps and luminaires, which are controllable by one simple remote control. iDual offer a number of 'starter packs', including two lamps and ...

Kenwood kMix754 Mixer Review

We experienced a Kenwood mixer just before New Year, and absolutely fell in love with its design and functionality. But now it's the Kenwood kMix754's turn. It looks a lot different, and will probably work in a...

RiutBag X25 Secure Backpack Review

This time last year, we tried out the RiutBag R25, which is still one of my go to bags and it still looks brand new! It's extremely comfortable, durable and carries everything I need, it's sometimes even too bi...

Roth SUB ZERO 3 Soundbar Review

So the Roth SUB ZERO 3 is following in the footsteps of it's predecessor, the SUB ZERO 2 which was released to market as a basic sound solution to those tinny, rubbish sounding televisions of today. Generally, ...

Royole Moon Cinema Headset Review

There's no denying that virtual reality is pretty much here to stay, now that headsets are becoming more readily available, and companies are pushing out content more frequently. It's also paving the way for pr...