Edifier got in touch and they sent over their 2.1 multimedia speaker system, the M201BT. It’s been quite a while since I checked out a traditional 2.1 PC speaker system. Are they still relevant? Most desk setups I see on Instagram either have no speakers or go for the recording studio look with big and bold monitor speakers. With a retail price of £49.99, this is a budget set of speakers, so something to consider. I’ve been using these on my desk for a couple of weeks, so let’s run through my thoughts. 

Let’s start with features and specs.

  • Wired and wireless connection via Bluetooth 5.0
  • 68watts peak total power split between two satellites, and one subwoofer. 
  • Built-in amplifier within subwoofer housing
  • Controls include volume & bass control and input selection
  • The two satellite speakers come on a stand, angled upwards slightly, the ideal for positioning on your desk. 
  • Within the box, you get the speakers, hard-wired power lead and an aux cable too

Out of the box, the satellite speakers are small, compact and lightweight. Each satellite speaker comes hard-wired and gets plugged into the subwoofer. Plastic in construction, matte and glossy black finish. The front mesh grille can be removed if desired but the driver behind it is not all that appealing.


The subwoofer is larger, housing the 5” woofer and amplifier, with a bold, silver vent to the front, and controls to the side. The idea is to house the subwoofer on the floor by your feet, and satellite speakers on your desk. Controls on the side of the subwoofer include two rotary knobs, the top one is for volume control and input selection, and the one below is for bass adjustment. Then moving down we have the inputs, indicator light and power switch. The subwoofer does sit on four small rubber feet which will help reduce movement and over vibration. 

As for performance, it’s ok, it’s not bad at all considering the price point of less than £50. The volume is good, plenty loud enough to fill a small room. The listening experience is obviously very directional so having one speaker on either side of me while sitting at my desk, angled in slightly toward me, plus the tilt from the stand, helps, that is the prime location and moving out of that zone, the experience isn’t as good. Bass is plentiful, too much in some instances and if you turn the bass all the way up, although it does really boom, it muddies the mids and highs, which I didn’t like. I generally had the bass set slightly more than the middle, 1 or 2 o’clock position. There is no option to adjust the mids or highs.


Control-wise, for me, it was fine because once I set the input to aux and bass up high, then controlled the volume from my PC itself. If you were to position the subwoofer under your desk, regularly switch from aux to Bluetooth and or manually change the volume, it could be somewhat of an inconvenience for you to bend out under your desk. A remote control might have been handy for some but this is a budget system, and you can’t expect everything. 

If you’re on a tight budget, and space is at a premium on your desk, the M201BT’s are worth considering. If you’re looking for something a little different, without the separate subwoofer and a little more modern looking, check out the Edifier G2000 speakers. If you really love your music, save up and check out one of Edifiers more premium bookshelf speakers, you wont be disappointed. 

To find out more, head over to the official Edifier website.