Edifier sent over their G2000 speakers for me to check out. I currently have the D12 on my desk, a great speaker system for just under £100, that’s been boxed up and the G2000’s have taken its spot.

Out the box, these are a very compact pair of speakers, an ideal size for your desk and I’ve got them underneath my two monitors at present. Plastic construction in either a black/grey or white finish, with a 2.75″ driver to the front, small bass port to the rear, delivering total power at 8W+8W. They sit on four rubber feet, they have a bit of weight to them and they do feel well constructed.


As for connectivity, three options, Aux In (headphone jack), USB connection to your PC or Laptop, plus Bluetooth. There is also a sub out port if you wanted to add a subwoofer. These are aimed at PC gamers, they have that flair of gaming to them thanks to some built in RGB. 12 options available with regardless to the lighting, various solid colours, pulsing colours, plus colour changing. There is a small strip to the back on each side, plus a larger square area on the back of each speaker. It’s a nice effect but it’s not very bright and there is no option to adjust brightness. During the day, there isn’t much glow, during the night, it has to be quite dark in your room to get any real glow effect from them.


Control-wise, there are two buttons on one of the speakers and I’m going to say they’re on the left speaker. I’m not too sure which speaker is which as I couldn’t see anything Identifying which was left or right. The buttons can be used to turn them on and off, change volume, change input and change RGB colour/effect. volume control is a mechanical shift lever that can be pushed up or down, while the other controls are simple push buttons. There are also three built in sound profiles you can choose between, Music, Game and Movie.

Retailing at £59.99 here in the UK and given the size of them, I wasn’t expecting big things in regards to sound and while using them for a week, my expectations were right. Music first, the sound profile is very crisp, the highs pearce through, mids are ok, bass lacks in a big way but playing some background music while working at a mid volume, it was enjoyable. If I had a subwoofer to hand, I would certainly take advantage of that sub-out port and put one on the floor under my desk for some extra oomph.


Switching between the three profiles and gaming or watching some content, there is a noticeable change and I will say they did make a difference to the experience. These are aimed at gamers but depending on the game, you shouldn’t be using speakers in general. First person shooter, you need a headset, you need to hear your surroundings which these do not deliver on. an RTS or racing game, yeh fine, these will more than adequate.

There are pros and cons to these. I like the size, the appearance, the connectivity options and actually the price, which I think is fair. The sound quality is ok, it won’t blow you away, it lacks bass and I wanted brighter RGB so I actually got a nice glow effect at night on my desk. If you’ve got the space on your desk, I would recommend spending a little bit more and going for some bookshelf speakers from Edifier. Edifier has a handful of speakers under the £100 mark and performance-wise, they’re better.

For more info, head over to the official Edifier G2000 webpage.