These are the Edifier NeoBuds Pro and they are the first Hi-Res certified, noise-cancelling, true wireless earbuds, in the world. 

The NeoBuds Pro, have and are being developed by Edifier, who if you don’t know, produce a number of mid to high-end audio products and that’s proven. We’ve tried a number of their earbuds, headphones and speaker systems over the year and we’ve not yet had a bad experience. 

The NeoBuds Pro has just gone live over at IndieGoGo, starting at $79 and through the campaign, they’re looking to raise funds to get these to market, so pre-orders are available from today. But what actually is on offer, why these earbuds over another brand, lets take a look.

The NeoBuds Pro bring premium audio quality traditionally found in speakers and over-ear headphones to a more convenient, compact and wireless package to the consumer. Its bi-amping with DSP-based active crossover technology ensures the dynamic driver and the armature driver are working in tandem to provide users with premium sound quality, deep bass, and crisp treble frequencies all with truly unique technological advancements. 


The Neobuds Pro achieved their Hi-Res certification because of the sampling frequency they can provide. They support the LHDC+ACC codec transmitting 96kHz 24Bit HD audio over Bluetooth, to present a full and comprehensive range of sound with the truest, purest tones of each musical note and instrument.  

As for appearance, I think they look great. They come in a sleek carry case, which also acts as the battery storage and charging station. Open the lid up and enjoy the pulsing and animated indicator light which is something straight out of knightrider, if you’re old enough to know that show. Ergonomically shaped earphones with rubber tips, offering a comfortable and secure fit. They are touch-sensitive, so using a number of gestures allows you to control your content, volume and take calls. They are very well built and they offer that premium experience everyone wants nowadays. 


Want more? Ok, the NeoBuds Pro also include active noise cancellation, which offers the user a quieter environment to enhance the music listening experience while protecting the user’s hearing from the outside noise. The earphones also feature three precisely positioned internal microphones that were specifically designed for on-the-go phone calls that offer an enhanced noise cancellation algorithm that provides clear, wind-resistant indoor/outdoor communication that is more advanced than any previous Edifier model. Battery life, a key feature for many. Well, these come with 5hr battery life, with ANC on, per charge with the case offering a total of 3 full charges, totalling 15hrs. This life will extend slightly if you didn’t use the noise cancellation and it’s worth noting the case supports fast charging as well.

Hit the link below, check out the champaign and grab yourself a pair if you fancy it!