We like quirky speakers at TechNuovo, and these definitely fit the bill. Today we’re looking at the Edifier Spinnaker Bluetooth speakers, a pair of speakers that to me, look ultra modern & exciting, but how well will they perform and will they be worth the retail price of ¬£199. Let’s take a look.

The speakers stand out from the crowd, with their curved, pointy, cone-like shape and modern black & silver finish. They look very modern, very futuristic and remind me very much of similar products, from high-end designer speaker brands. To make them stand out even more, they do come in a red option too, which unless they compliment your decor, I’d stay away from them, as to me, they don’t look as sleek. They are tall speakers, standing at just over 400mm high, with the base being the widest area at 140mm. Each speaker sits on compressed foam feet, supported by a silver stand, which helps support the speaker. It’s entirely covered in mesh or fabric, apart from the back and base.

One of the speakers is the master, the other being the slave, meaning the master speaker has the built-in amplifier and input options. To the underside of the master speaker, you have the option to input audio via optical in or aux in, plus the option of adding a stand along subwoofer. There you will also find the power in and speaker out, to the other speaker. The cables sit nicely with the base of the speaker, with a nice bit of cable management so the speaker always sits flush on your table and directs the cables out to the back. I mentioned the physical inputs, but the speaker also accepts Bluetooth connections for wireless playback from your smart device. It’s worth mentioning that within the box, you get all the required cables, plus an aux & optical in cable too.

edifier_spinnaker _2

The speakers also come complete with a remote control, a very small, dome-shaped, wireless remote control, which allows you to adjust the volume, change tracks and pause your music. It’s illuminated at its base, via a thin red halo, which is a nice touch. The remote itself worked well in its function, but it uses a twisting motion to increase/decrease volume, and as it’s so lightweight, I had to hold it down with my other hand to stop it from moving away.

Performance from these speakers is good, thanks to 3 component up, of a 19mm tweeter, 2″ mid range and a 4″ bass driver, offering a total of a 90watt output. I listened to a variety of tracks, all of which were very enjoyable to listen to, although in some instances, I did feel it lacked a little in the low end, which is perhaps why they have given the option of allowing a separate subwoofer to be partnered with these. These will be more than enough for background music, and even bring the party to life if needed.

Overall, I really like the look of the Spinnaker speakers, but for me, they look a lot better than they sound. Don’t get me wrong, they sounded good, I was just hoping for something more. If you are looking for something that will catch the eye, has good conectivity and also sounds decent, then these are for you. For more information, visit the official Edifier website.