Tech21 Evocheck Google Pixel 3 Case Review

tech 21 evocheck google pixel 3 case

What’s the first thing you do when you get a new phone? No, not check out the camera. Okay, the second thing. That’s right, stick it in a case because you don’t want your shiny new handset getting any scratches now do we.

This is where items like the Tech21 Evocheck come in. It’s specifically designed for the Google Pixel 3, although they do this particular model for a range of handsets. There’s a good looking cross-hatch type pattern on the back. The case either comes in black or a purple colour.

tech 21 evocheck google pixel 3 case

Apart from looking pretty good, the Evocheck does a few things to protect your phone from unwanted drops and bangs. It contains a FlexShock impact material that’s wrapped around the outside of the case. It is rubberised although solid enough to feel smooth like plastic.

The camera and finger print sensor are embedded into the rear of the handset too, to protect them from scratches but not impede quality from the camera. The buttons down the right hand side are all kept behind plastic housings albeit looking like cutouts from the main case.

tech 21 evocheck google pixel 3 case

The biggest problem, is the fact the case adds a substantial amount of thickness to the otherwise quite slim Google Pixel 3. I can’t comment on other models, as we only have a Pixel 3 here, but still, be wary.

The case will also work with wireless charging pads too, so whether its the Google Pixel 3 stand or a third party charger, it should work. For more information on the Tech21 Evocheck case, head over to the Tech21 website.

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