Edifier S880DB Speaker Review


Edifier are back, this time with a new set of bookshelf speakers and I have to say, at first glance, they look to be one of their more premium speakers, with aesthetics to match! With four EQ modes, Hi Res audio certified and wireless connectivity, it’s beginning to excite me. Let’s get into the box!

In the box are the speakers, remote control, speaker cable, power adapter, RCA cable, optical cable and USB A to B cable. The speakers come well packaged & protected, surrounded by molded polystyrene. The speakers themselves are constructed from wood, assume MDF, painted in satin white, with beech effect wood paneling either side. Finished with black woofer and tweeter, it’s a very bold and modern look, which works for me and I think they look stunning. Each speaker sits on four rubber feet, adding stability and support. You can guage the size of these speakers when sat next to my iPhone 7 in the image below. They are relativly small, yet quite heavy and feel well constructed. Next to a PC monitor or small tv, or HiFi components, they will look great.

There are several ways of connecting your audio source to the speakers, via the more traditional wired ways with RCA, optical & coaxial, plus more modern ways such as USB & bluetooth. The USB, optical and coaxial inputs have a sample signal rate of up to 192kHz. The USB option is a new one to me, the amp has a XMOS processor built in, allowing for USB audio, so you can connect your speakers to your computer. Note, USB sticks are not supported!

The speakers are active, meaning they come with their own amplifier. The amplfier is located on the right speaker, acting as the master, with the left speaker being it’s slave. The amplfier is packing enough juice to power 12W+12W R/L (treble) & 32W+32W (bass). The controls for the speakers are part of the amplifier, offering volume, treble & bass controls, plus source select. You’ll also see on the back  of the right speaker is where you plug the power adapter in and left speaker out, a chunky 3m speaker cable is provided.


The speakers can be controlled via the controls located on the amplfier, or via the provided remote control. The remote is circular, battery powered and includes the standard on/off, play/pause, volume and forward/backward buttons. There are four additional buttons, ‘monitor’, ‘dynamic’, ‘classic’ and ‘vocal’, preset EQ settings for a quick change, depending on what audio you are listening too.

The speakers perform exepctionally well, they offer a very full, rich sound, with plenty of clarity and bass, thanks to the 19mm titanium-dome tweeter and a 3.75″ metal diaphragm drive. Highs & mids are crisp and distinct, with a punchy low end, which can be increased or decreased, depending on your preference. Switching between the preset EQ options, there is a distinct change between them, offering a different experience each time. They can get quite loud, capable of suppling music to your standard house party, and that quality does not drop off at the higher volumes. The remote control works well, it’s responsive but the RF sensor is on the right speaker, so make sure you point the remote in the correct direction. My only quable with these speakers is the volume control while using bluetooth, in a couple of instances, if I increased the volume via my phone, it would take a while for the speakers to respond, so it was hard to guage the correct volume. Easy fix was to set the volume on my phone to maxium and use the speaker volume to adjust.

Overall, very impressed with how the S880DB’s look and perform. They are currently available at around the £260 mark. For more info, visit the official Edifier website.


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