It’s been nearly a year since we last tried out some speaker from Edifier but that all changes today, as they have just released a new model, or revised I should say, the S2000 MKlll. They look similar to the last pair we tried, the S3000 speakers, with some subtle design tweaks and features. Let’s take a look.


  • 5 1/2″ Aluminum drivers with Planar diaphragm tweeters
  • Total output 65watt per speaker
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with Qualcomm aptX HD Decoding
  • High efficiency Class-D digitial power amplication
  • Sample rate upto 24BIT/192KHZ
  • 4 EQ presets
  • LCD Display
  • Electronic crossovers and dynamic control based on dual advanced DSP chips

First Impressions

If you’re a fan of wood, then you’re in for a treat. I have mixed feelings over wood finishes or effects on speakers because if they’re done cheaply, it’s noticeable and it looks awful. If it’s done properly, I can appreciate the elegance and finesse it brings to the speaker, and in this case, Edifier has done it properly. The S2000’s have a satin black front, top, and back, with a polished wood either side (mahogany/cherry looking wood colouring). Each speaker sits on four, small circular metal feet, which raises them up ever so slightly and helps over vibration separation between speaker and surface.

There is a mesh grille to the front of each speaker, which can be removed if desired. The right speaker is the master, which includes the amplification and controls to the rear but also a small LCD screen on the front, which shows options/settings.

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Each speaker is very heavy, which is exactly what we want and shows that the housing is thick, it’s well built and the components inside are of good quality (hopefully). My grandad always said, the bigger and heavier the magnet, the better the bass, but how true that is, I’m not sure. Once these are position on your shelf or desk, they’re not moving.

For a pair of $400 speakers, I think these look fantastic and I’m enjoying the classic, yet modern appearance of them. I can appreciate the high quality taken in constructing these too.

Set Up

Setting the speakers up was very straight forward and very little was involved. As mentioned before, the right speaker is the master, left the slave and the two need to connect together via the provided speaker cable. A thick, multi-core copper cable is provided, about 4meters in length and you just push the connector in, on each speaker.

You can then plug them into the power socket, a hard-wired connection with about 2meters of power cable, and you’re good to go. Now, the connections are to the rear, so you need to consider that during set up, whether you will be plugging any devices into these. 2No. Line in’s are provided, along with optical, coax and Bluetooth of course, so there is something for everything and will allow you to plug HiFi separates in, or even connect these up to your TV or games console.

Also to the rear of the right speaker is the power on button, volume & input control, plus treble and bass rotary knobs. A remote control is provided, making it easy to swap between sources, adjust volume and change EQ’s but if you want to manually adjust the bass and treble, you will need to leave space behind the speaker, so you can get your hand there.



I have to admit, I turned them on, started playing a track, and thought, this is a bit crisp, there was very little bass and It wasn’t great. Why? The knobs at the back were all over the place, the treble was maxed out, while the bass was at it’s lowest setting. Anyway, I adjusted those, settled with treble in the middle ‘0’, with the bass at +4 and that was it, the song came to life and it brought a smile to my face.

The S2000’s are versatile, performing well for most, if not all tracks I threw at it. It produces beautiful mids, which is where it shines but its’ got good clarity in the highs too. Cymbals are bright, vocals are clear and the bass drum hits, although it could hit harder. As for volume, these can get seriously loud and do quite a good at maintaining their quality at the higher volumes too (perhaps a little more bass is needed for some genres). Put it this way, they’re loud enough to upset the neighbors.

As mentioned before, these can run at 24BIT/192KHZ which is what we call high-resolution audio and if you think a CD samples at 16/44KHZ, these speakers will accept higher quality audio than that and play it back to you, assuming the content you’re playing through it matches. As far as I’m aware, your flagship smartphones cannot play Hi-Res audio, so if you want to take full benefit of this feature, you’ll likely need to plug in a music streamer, Hi Fi separate or DAC.

There are four pre-set EQ options, available via the remote control and they include Monitor, Dynamic, Classic and Vocal. There is a second or two delay when pressing, for them to change and it’s very easy to hear the change in the audio profile. The titles of each EQ are self-explanatory and for me, the music I listened to, Dynamic was best suited.

The remote control works well and I’m glad one is provided, saving the need to get my hand behind the speaker to change settings. The addition of the LCD display is handy, it helps know which source, EQ or volume you’re on and the scrolling animation when turning them on is nice.


I’ve really enjoyed my time with the Edifier S2000 MKlll speakers. I think they look good and they sound fantastic too. At this price point, I don’t think I’ve heard anything better and you’ll need to increase your budget significantly to achieve better performance. That being said and without having the more expensive model I tried, the S3000’s with me to be certain, I think I’d choose these over them and pocket the difference.

They currently retail for $400 or ¬£429 at the time of writing this, which kinda sucks. The UK always seems to get the short straw on conversion on a lot of tech nowadays. Anyway, they’re available to purchase via Amazon.