People strive to keep their houses safe, and for this reason, the security camera market has boomed. Wireless connections are becoming better all the time, meaning it’s now pretty much possible to run full security setups in your home. Kami is a brand who create such solutions, and they’ve asked us to check out their new Kami Indoor securirty camera. It hasn’t got an official model number as such. It’s just known as the Indoor Camera.

So what’s in the box? Yoiu get the camera itself, which is small in size, a full set of instructions to guide you through the setup, more on that in a minute. The camera needs power, so a plug is included with a microUSB cable. You get some screws so you can mount the camera on the ceiling or wall, and you also get some stickers that you can put in your window to deter burgulars. Finally, there’s a European plug, incase you got some European plug sockets. We haven’t so this stayed in the box.

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Setup was fairly simple, and a nice touch to the Kami Indoor Camera was the fact it gave us voice prompts. It meant that I knew which stage of the setup I was on. So, first off, I needed the app which is available on both iOS and Android. I then plugged the camera in. It kept telling me it was “waiting to connect”. Tap the button on screen to say you heard the voice prompt, and then show the lens the QR code that appears on your phone. Once this has done, enter your WiFi details and you’re done. The camera was up and running. Very seamless if you ask me and a great experience.

Once on the homescreen of the partner app, it’s all very straight forward. There’s a big touch controlled joystick that enables you to angle the camera how you like it. Great news, this camera has an almost 180-degree pan view, and can even tilt up and down too. There’s a button to start recording, and there’s also audio passthrough too, so if you’re not in your home, you can talk to whoever’s in your home.

Diving into the thick of it, the camera again on the backend does pretty much what you’d expect a camera to do. It was easy to set up a schedule of when the camera turns on and off, and you can even control the Kami Indoor Camera with Amazon Alexa if you have an Echo in the house on the same WiFi network, but you’ve also got the Google Assistant coming in clutch if you’re more of an Android person. You can manually turn the camera on and off too which is a nice touch, incase you’re doing something you’re not supposed to be doing in your own home *cough* having a party during lockdown.

Motion can be detected and comes as three different sensitivity levels being low, medium and high. By default it’s on high, which I left it on, and it managed to pick me up sneaking around at night which was great. In terms of alarm function, this is non-existant, though you do get notified on your phone when something is detected in your home. Whether that’s movement or noise. And again with noise detection, you can set this yourself. I left it at the default 80db.

In terms of quality, it’s not too bad at all. I had to set it to its HD setting, which will render an image at 1080p which is fairly standard for home security cameras. And it’s real time recording a good too. None of this choppy footage that you’ll usually see on police programs on the tele. It’s also not quite as sharp as a 1080p image that would come from a flagship phone camera. And to be honest, it doesn’t really need to be. Just clear enough to capture someone’s face to identify if the footage is ever needed, and it’s fine for that as long as they’re close enough to be in focus.

One thing that does wind me up to no end with these types of home security products, is the fact you have to “subscribe” to their premium services to unlock features. Here, it’s being able to record an alert for more than six seconds. I’ve just watched a clip of a family member zip by the camera, and I wasn’t able to make out faces because they were there and gone in well under six seconds. It might be the placement of my camera, my house is a little odd with its layout, but still, people who pay full price for one of these, and then have to pay a subscription service on top? It’s just an annoying feature. And it’s not cheap either. You can pay a minimum of ¬£6.67 a month for one camera. And this gives you seven days worth of backup and 24/7 recording. You do get one year’s worth of cloud storage though, so there is that.

The Kami Indoor Camera is a pretty smart device. It’s a shame it’s not smaller, as we’ve seen some security cameras from TP-Link for example that can be disguised much easier. But at least it’s smart looking. Being white it would blend into modern day furnishings no problem. The quality is pretty good for how much it costs, which is around ¬£50 initially depending on online retailer. But the subscription service is a bit of a rip off. I can’t recommend these types of services, especially if you’ve got cameras from different brands, or if you’ve only got the one camera in your house. There are plenty of other manufacturers out there that come with all-inclusive recording capabilities. For more information, head over to the Kami website.