Look, there’s no hiding it. Nacon smash it with their controllers. We’ve seen one of the Revolution Unlimited Pro controllers before before and loved it. But Nacon has released a new iteration, and this one is to celebrate the recent release of Call of Duty Cold War.

In terms of features, between this and the standard Nacon Revoltuion Unlimited Pro controller, nothing has changed. The layout is much closer to the Xbox style controller, with big handles to hold on to, and analogue sticks that are further to the edge of the controller than the centre, like on a traditional Playstation controller. What is useful though, are all the extra buttons which equal four in total on the backs of the handles. If you’re playing a game that can utilise these, then take the opportunity. It makes hitting some functions in games a lot easier.

You’ve got the choice to use USB Type-C power or wireless capabilities here too, which will work with both PC and the Playstation 4. Unfortunately I can’t test it with a PS5, because we weren’t lucky enough to get one during the pre-order rounds, and there’s no way we’re getting one now. I’ve also scoured the Nacon website, and can’t find any mention of compatibility with the PS5. I cannot confirm though if this is truly the case, as official Dual Shock 4 controllers work with the PS5. In terms of power, the controller should give you around seven hours of use before you’re going to need to charge it again. Perfect for a couple of long gaming sessions for sure.

So, these added extras that you get in the box to customise your controller. You get a set of weights that range from 20g through to 32g, and the small dunbell shape weights fit nice and snug into the handles. There are also two more thumbsticks in the box, which are convex in shape. I must admit that I do prefer the concave style that come already attached to the Nacon controller. You also get a generous three metre braided USB Type-C cable to be able to plug it into your PS4 or PC. And lastly, a decent hard shelled carry case that is covered in a camo pattern which again, matches the Call of Duty aesthetic they’re going for in this special edition.

I am definitely a fan of the Nacon controllers. They’re built extremely well and are very comfortable to use. I am a fan of the asymmetric analogue sticks personally but of course, your own personal comfort may vary. The added accessories to fine tune the weight and feeling of the sticks serves their purpose well, and gives gamers that added ability to find the best playstyle. Yes, these controllers are expensive, coming in at around €179 on the Nacon website. But they are well worth the price, if you value having a decent controller to play your games on. For more information, head over to the Nacon website.