Edifier are back with a new pair of earbuds, they’ve got so many options now,  it’s hard to keep up and this time round, we’ve got a second or third generation of the TWS1’s. Edifier put out the TWS1 buds a while ago, followed them up with the TWS1 Pro and now, they’ve released the TWS1 Pro 2 and I have been using them over the last 3 or 4 week as a my daily drivers, and here are my thoughts. 

Out of the box, they are a pretty sleek and modern-looking pair of buds. White, although they do also come in a black or a light sky blue colour. Lightweight, compact, easy to store in your pocket or bag, glossy finish which I imagine will get scuffed up over time. Whether that puts you off or not, it’s a protective case so it’s doing what it’s meant to. The buds themselves are a nice shape, moulded to your inner ear which is nice and not always seen. There is also a rubber tip as well for added comfort and passive noise cancellation. 

As for specs and/or features, highlights include active noise cancellation, in ear detection, low latency game mode, customisation via the Edifier app and they’re IP54 rated. They have Bluetooth 5.3 and only SBC codec, no LDAC or hi res. Battery life is up to 24 hours with ANC off and about 16 hours with ANC on. Charge time is 1.5hrs for the case, 2hrs for the buds and the case is charged via USB C, no wireless charging, unfortunately. 


The audio performance out of the box is very impressive, with punchy bass, and clear vocals, well mixed and really enjoyable to use. There are five different audio modes to choose from including high ANC, low ANC, wind reduction, ambient sound and ANC off. On top of that, you’ve then got EQ options which include classic (the default), pop, classical and rock. Subtle differences between the EQs and I generally kept it on Rock as that best suits the music I use. You cannot at present modify or create your own EQs but that may come in the future. 

The ANC worked well, it does help remove background sounds when using the high ANC option. There are subtle differences scrolling through the 5 options and there is enough flexibility there for you to allow as much or as little external sounds as you want. 

The microphone works well and as expected, I took several phone calls and teams calls with these in and had no complaints either end. 

The buds are very comfortable, the shape of the buds works for me, they’re a really good fit and then the rubber tip makes them pretty secure. Working, or walking, you wouldn’t need to adjust them at all, they likely will not fall out. During exercise, mostly fine and when doing some general workouts, weights etc, secure but when cycling still secure but i did find myself having to adjust If I was going ham on the bike. As mentioned before, they are IP54, so sweatproof, splash proof so they can get a little wet. 


Controls work well, the logo on each bud is touch sensitive so when you double or triple tap on either left or right, an action will be performed. No volume control out of the box but you can play pause, take a call and change the mode too. You can however go into the app and change what prompt actions what, so you can add volume control if you want to. It works well, the bud is responsive with minimal lag between touching and an action being performed. You can wear a single earbud if desired and leave one in the case but to achieve this, you need to go into the app and disable the wearing detection setting. 

Low latency, it’s there I think, It wasn’t an obvious performance difference, I did play some games on my phone but I don’t game much on my phone, this feature for me isn’t that important at all.

Difference between the Pro 1 and Pro 2? There are a few, different ANC technology with the Pro 2 offering the better In my opinion. The Pro 1 includes more codecs, and better battery life, theyre slightly lighter in weight but the frequency range is less. Different-sized drivers. This isn’t a take a good pair of earbuds and improve them, it’s a new earbud altogether looking at the specifications. 

Anyway, at £50 here in the UK, the Pro 2’s are a solid pair of earbuds, packed full of features you’d expect to see in buds costing alot more. They look good, sound great, battery life is positive, options through the app, they really do offer alot for the money and I would happily recommend these to anyone. 

For more info, head over to the official Edifier website.