Oh, it’s good to have a new Edifier speaker land on our desks, it’s been a while. We’ve always been a fan of Edifier, most of their products offer very good bang for the buck in the mid-range audio market. Their latest offering, the D12, a Bluetooth speaker with 2 woofers, 2 tweeters and a variety of inputs/sources. Let’s take a look.

Straight out the box, Edifier means business. This thing is rather large and is far from your typical Bluetooth speakers, your Echo’s, Google Homes etc. Size-wise, it is chunky, so bear that in mind when looking for a location for it. As for appearance, a wooden constructed box, with a wood grain print to the left and right sides of the box, with a black faux leather finish to the top, rear and bottom. That bottom has four small feet, that sit the speaker proud of your surface by a few milometers. To the front, a large black mesh grille, with some subtle branding which, if you wanted to, can be removed to showcase the components. Now usually, I’d say “take that grille off straight away” however, remove the grille here and it’s very busy. There are two 4″ bass drivers, two 19mm silk dome tweeters, two bass ports, an infrared sensor, then finished off with four holes that hold the grille in place. I’m undecided, I think I prefer the sleek, clean look with the grille on.

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To the top right of the speaker are the controls, three rotary knobs, bass, treble and volume/source. Bass and treble, sit at neutral or 0 as default, then increase/decrease to suit. The volume button is rotary and push, so twist for volume control, push down to switch between the sources. Fear not, there is a remote control include too, which makes things a lot easier. The remote is very lightweight, glossy black plastic, so it does show fingerprints very easily. The remote includes on/off, content control and volume, mute, sources (aux, line or Bluetooth) and then EQ options for video or audio. The remote is very lightweight, made from plastic but it’s a good size, easy to use and works well with the speaker. There is no bass or treble control with the remote, which remains a manual setting only. How do you know what source you’re on? Well, it’s not ideal but there is a small indicator light that will go blue or green, which indicates which source you’re on. It’s not great, a screen would have been better but it’s functional.

I mentioned sources briefly earlier and if you haven’t worked it out, Bluetooth 5.0, RCA and Aux are available. There is also a line out option, in case you wanted to add a subwoofer or another speaker. Total RWS output from the speaker is 70watts.

As for audio performance, and taking into account this retails at less than £100, it’s fantastic. The D12 offers a fairly flat sound profile out of the box but as you’re able to adjust the treble and bass to suit your listening type or the genre of music you’re listening to, you can achieve some great things. Bass can be plentiful, stick it at +-0 and it will be ok for most but stick on some R&B or bass-heavy tracks, crank the knob slightly and you get a punchy rumble from the two 4″ drivers. The tweeters keep up with the bass if you want more treble as well. Volume-wise, very loud and I’m pleased to say the quality remains at the higher volumes too.

I listened to a variety of music, everything from The Lion Guard soundtrack, which my kids are loving right now, through to some Luke Combs and N’Sync (don’t judge me, I’m not the only one using it in this household!). However, everything sounded fantastic and I kept coming back to the same thought, “this is a £99 speaker, this is impressive”.

Remember I mentioned the remote has a film button? Well, there is a very obvious difference between the movie and audio presets. I did manage to plug this into my TV eventually, although it’s limited, as there is no optical in or HDMI arc, you’re tied to Aux or RCA. However, I stuck a movie on via Netflix and it was actually pretty good. Far better than the onboard TV speakers, but I probably wouldn’t swap it for my soundbar.

To summarise, the Edifier D12 is a great all-round Bluetooth speaker. It may not be for everyone, it is big, it’s not portable and some are not keen on the natural wood look. However, for everyone else, this is well worth £99 and sounds like a much more expensive speaker.

To find out more, hit the link! Edifier D12