We’re here again… what feels like headphones season. We’ve seen a good number of new headphones these past few weeks, and we’re absolutely loving seeing what companies are coming out with, old and new. In the case of Cyrus, they’ve recently released their new soundBuds 2, with some brand new improvements over the original soundBuds.

The original Cyrus soundBuds can be found online now for around £59.99 while the new soundBuds 2 can be found for not much more, sitting at £79.99. It’s something to consider when shopping around, as for the price, the soundBuds 2 sit in the budget price range, but features far surpass the originals.

Like battery life for example. The soundBuds 2 has a five hour battery life, with a further 15 hours charge time within the case. It’s not too bad really. Five hours worth of music? That’s a day’s work, easy.

The case itself that holds the buds is definitely plastic, and it doesn’t have any weight to it. But, it’s far from flimsy. The lid itself has a very solid magnetic seal, and it’s definitely strong enough to handle a few dings in a backpack or pocket. It has a shiny finish, and a battery level indicator on the front just under the branding.

The buds themselves are a good size and weight, and are coated in a soft to touch plastic, enabling you enough grip to pinch hold them to get them in your ears. There are three pairs of buds included of varying size, of which the largest type fit for me and the seal offers a decent level of noise isolation. The wing tips are a nice touch too, and paired with the IPX5 rating, it makes the soundBuds 2 a pretty solid choice for fitness.

Getting the buds out of the case was absolutely fine, but getting them back in was a different story. They were quite fiddly, and I spent time just spinning them in the hole until the magnets attracted them. It’s the wingtips that cause the slight issue, but I definitely wouldn’t change them. A little more sway on the lid would have meant more light could get in, making it easier to place the earbuds in the right position.

On the side of the buds are touch controls, which if you hold them down turns the earbuds on and off, and double-tapping skips tracks. A big issue for me, and I’m not sure if it was the way I was handling them, but the touch controls on each earbud are super sensitive to even the slightest of brushes which makes adjusting the headphones impossible without pausing your music or skipping to the next track.

The sound of the Cyrus soundBuds 2 is actually pretty balanced. There are small 6mm drivers present and a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz. There wasn’t really an instance where I thought one side of the equaliser was getting a bit too out of hand. Like with most earbuds, bass can come down to relying on the seal the tips create inside of your ear. For the most part, this was fine for me as I changed to the largest earbuds so you have to make sure you’ve got the right fit, otherwise, some of that bass can get lost. Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy heavy bass intro combined with her whispery like vocals was absolutely clear, and when the finger clicky snare came in, it was extremely sharp and could be heard over the well-controlled bass line. I wouldn’t say the soundstage here was particularly wide, but the mix of bass and treble was very well controlled.

Moving towards a bit of Springsteen, and it becomes inevitable that these headphones could be construed as a very treble focussed set of buds. The reverb of the snare hits, and the slight echo you get with Bruce’s voice truly sounds good, but here is where you can begin to pick out a few issues and become a little bit nit-picky. Any form of bassline was lost, and for that, the soundBuds2 was almost a little tinny to listen to, and any feeling of a bass drum hit keeping that beat was a little lacking.

I suppose in the case of the soundBuds 2 it comes down to the type of music you’re going to be listening to. If you’re going to be going over the top with your bass focussed music, and put some dubstep, hip-hop, EDM or similar through them you’re going to be satisfied. But if you’re a little more vanilla and stick to your pop music, or even venture into the world of rock, you might fare differently. The call audio was actually pretty good. I couldn’t complain about that, as it heavily relies on the signal and type of microphone or phone the caller has. I never had an issue taking calls on these headphones, and no one on the other side of the headset told me they couldn’t hear me.

Cyrus Audio make great products, there’s no denying that. And in the case of their new soundBuds 2, yes they’ve made significant improvements over their original offering with the better battery life, the fresh new design with the wingtips and waterproofing and general connectivity, but they do fall down for certain music types. I didn’t feel that when listening to your everyday pop and rock, that the bass was very exciting, but when switching over to bass focussed music, they seemed to come more alive, all the while keeping the bass controlled so as not to overpower other aspects of the music tracks. Having the five hour listening time was great, however not the best on the market. They’re also not the most expensive headphones on the market either, coming in at £79.99 respectively which I think is very fairly priced in my opinion. If you’d like to find out more about the Cyrus soundBuds 2, then head over to the Cyrus Audio website.