We have tried a lot of Edifier products, most of them being rather good and worth purchasing, but how will the M1390BT 2.1 multimedia speakers hold up. The M1390BT is a 2.1 speaker system, including Bluetooth connectivity and a modern look, typical with Edifier products.

Look & Feel

This is a 2.1 system, with left & right passive speakers, with an active subwoofer to power the system. The left & right speakers feature a 70mm full range driver, with 8 watts pumped into each. The subwoofer boasts a 5 inch driver, encased within an MDF box and gets 18 watts of power.

The two speakers are finished in a matte & glossy black look, with the right speaker having a single control knob and headphone/aux in. The knob can be pushed and twisted to operate various settings. Both speakers are angled slightly upwards, for sound projection from a desk level up to your ears. The subwoofer sits on four feet, with the driver facing outwards towards the floor, with an airport to the front of the box. At the rear of the subwoofer are the inputs/outputs, including Aux & RCA in, power in, speaker in and bass volume.

Set Up & Use

Setting up the speakers is very self-explanatory, plug both the speakers into the subwoofer, plug the subwoofer into the power outlet and turn the system on. The supplied cables have more than enough length on them for you to position the system on a desk. You can then connect your music player to the system via Bluetooth or one of the hardwired options. In this instance, I actually set this system up with my PC, so went for the RCA option. I did however also use the Bluetooth option with my iPhone, and you just need to pair the two products together, like you would any other Bluetooth device.

There is very little in the form of control, other than switching between the sources and increase/decreasing the volume & bass. You can select the source and control the volume via the rotary knob on the front of the right speaker. It rotates in increments, as opposed to a continuous motion and can also be pushed for selecting sources. The knob is illuminated with a green ring around it, which changes to blue, is a nice touch. At the rear of the subwoofer is the bass level control, a simple rotary knob with plus & minus at either end.


Performance is OK but left me somewhat wanting more in the low end. As mentioned before, I had this plugged into my PC and listened to some music, played some Division 2 and watched some stuff from Netflix. In all instances, the sound quality was good, voices were clear, music was vibrant and the system gets plenty loud enough. My only concern is it lacked some much-needed bass, across all media source. The bass level was up as high as it could be and with the subwoofer on the floor by my feet, it just didn’t cut through enough for me.


Overall, not a bad system. The speakers looked fantastic on my desk either side of my monitor, the controls are easy to use and it’s reasonably priced at just £69.99. However, it does lack in the low end quite a bit and I’m wondering, are multimedia systems really required anymore? I personally use a headset most of the time and if not, I have bookshelf speakers, which I know edifier do very well from previous reviews.

For more information, check out the official Edifier website.