The Best of the Best across the Board – 10 Best Free Mobile Apps in 2019

The App Store is buzzing as mobile app developers continue to inundate the platform with their sleek, state-of-the-art apps. As it stands, the number of apps on the Google Play Store is well over a staggering 2.6 million while Apple’s App Store has over two million as well.

Whether free for all or paid for, these apps are developed to conveniently guarantee smartphone users the freedom to enjoy everything that’s under the sun. From social, gaming, educational, books, gambling, shopping, dating and music to the eccentric others, it has them all. Interestingly though, an average Joe may never get to try all of them or even half.

Would you like to get a feel of what the crème de la crème of free mobile apps are?

We’ve compiled a list of the finest free Android and iOS mobile apps you should have on your smartphone right now. But before you check them out, it is important to let you know that the list is based on app features, user ratings, and review as well as how popular the app is.

There are hundreds of weather apps on both marketplaces. However, Apex Weather isn’t just a new kid on the block. It comes with an exquisite feel and a retouch that most of the current ones don’t have. Basically, if you’ve been craving for an app that relays detailed and regular weather updates and reports and is customized for everyone’s needs, then this is it!

  • Swiftkey

With over 250 million users at the moment, Swiftkey is the ‘Real OG’ of all apps. It leverages AI to analyze the user’s habits before applying what it could have learned to predict what the user wants to do with the smartphone. Incredibly, it allows gesture typing as well!

  • ES File Explorer

There have been Android file management apps before, but it seems ES File Explorer is the king right now. With a Space Analyzer, freeing up space is a breeze while sharing files only needs a Wi-Fi connection. Also, it is perhaps the most effective app uninstaller ever made.

You may never know the beauty of playing your favourite slot game online unless you have Lottoland app installed on your phone. The cool and sleek, green-coloured UI of this app makes gambling a simple and enjoyable experience. It is responsive and sophisticated with top-grade graphics; pretty much what every PowerBall, MegaMillions, Irish Lotto and lottery enthusiast would instantly fall in love with.

  • Civilization AR

The AR revolution is set to take over the mobile app space, thanks to perhaps the best pioneer AR app. Civilization AR used the augmented reality technology to reconstitute ancient treasures and relics, present unparalleled visualizations and offer us the glamour of VR. For someone who has been wondering what the AR/VR buzz is all about, better download this app.

  • Noted

Note-taking apps aren’t new in the app market, but none among them matches how great Noted is. As simple as it is, this app is an extraordinarily awesome audio recording and note-taking marvel. It allows swift, hassle-free typing and supports both rich text and images. What’s more, one can transfer everything captured to Cloud for even safer storage.

  • Google Trips

Google’s reputation is undeniable, especially in the app space and Google Trips is a testament to that. Simple as the app appears, it can miraculously turn an ordinary smartphone into a smart and incredible all-in-one travel assistant. The app will gather travel itineraries on your behalf, book those sent via Gmail and robotically sort them itself. On the day of your travel, Google Trips will have generated everything, including what to do, where to visit, what to eat, and sleep and so forth.

If getting lost in the middle of the city is a habit to you, then Transit will solve that altogether. This app will you figure out the right public transport as per your needs and the estimated arrival time. What’s more, it can combine several of them – trams, taxis, RBTS and even bikes, all for your convenience.

  • Visionist

You must have seen someone upload a beautiful piece of art on Instagram and wondered who could have drawn it. Well, actually it is the mystery of Visionist – an app that converts photos to beautiful pieces of artwork using the magic of neural network. How it works is mindboggling, but you can trust me – this app is an absolute must-have!

  • Mint Browser

There’s no better way to experience a different and more immersive feel while browsing over your phone than with Mint Browser. A development of Xiaomi, the browser is relatively lightweight, and without the needless features and enhancements. It delivers a smooth, high-speed surfing experience, allowing you to switch between Bing, Google, and Yahoo. What you will like about Mint Browser is the built-in anti-ads and popups blocker.

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