Edifier MP200 Bluetooth Speaker Review


Not too long ago, we tried out the Edifier MP280 Bluetooth speaker, and we still use it to this day. Now they have sent over it’s smaller sibling, much smaller, in fact, the MP200. This is the smallest speaker Edifier have on offer and with an RRP of just £20, will it be worth a purchase, or should you save up for the MP280. Let’s take a look.

This little speaker comes housed in a clear acrylic casing, so it’s well protected if you plan on purchasing this online. Within the box are the speaker itself and a micro USB cable for charging. The speaker includes connectivity via Bluetooth 4.1 & microSD card, and it’s dust & splash resistant up to IP54. It comes in 6 different colours, including blue, green & yellow.

The speaker is incredibly small & relatively light in weight, it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. It has a plastic rubber cover across the entire speaker, apart from the grille, and has a rubber cover protecting the USB & SD card slots. It has an IP rating of 54, so it’s not fully waterproof, so do not put it in your shower or drop it in water, but it will withstand the odd splash of water. Attached to the speaker, is a hand string, allowing you to hang the speaker somewhere or offer added security when holding it in your hands (this can be removed if desired).


Set up for the speaker is like any other Bluetooth speaker. Charge it up, turn it on and pair with your smart device, it was very straightforward and there is a small LED indicator light to assist. To control the speaker, you have to use one of the five push buttons built into the speaker. Buttons include power on/off, play/pause, answer phone and volume up/down/forward/backward tracks. The buttons are easy to use and responsive, albeit a little on the small side.

This is a very small speaker, with just a 2″ woofer & less than 6watts of juice, so I wasn’t expecting miracles, but I wasn’t disappointed considering. The sound quality isn’t bad at all, it’s very listenable. The volume isn’t too bad either, it will provide a good level for background music, ideal for a picnic in the park, sitting on a beach etc. You can also use the speaker for conference calls, and the quality was clear, with no complaints on the other end about the built-in microphone. It took a couple of hours to charge and would probably last about that time, if not more for playback (I had it playing for about 1.5hrs).

Overall, the MP200 is a handy, very portable Bluetooth speaker for on the go music. To me, it’s worth the RRP of just £20, an ideal stocking filler you could say, but if you want a little more, I suggest you go for the MP280.

For more info, visit the Edifier MP200 webpage.


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