Several months ago, I tried out the Edifier TWS5 earphones and since then, a variety of other products from the brand too but now, I’ve got the model up, the TWS6 earphones. They look similar but on paper, they include a number of new features such as touch control and wireless charging.


  • 32 hour playback, 8 hour from single charge
  • IPX5 waterproof & sweatproof
  • Comes with 3 sets of rubber earbuds, 2 sets of memory foam earbuds and 3 sets of rubber ear wings
  • Carry case accepts wireless charging
  • Touch control
  • Knowles Balanced Armature drivers
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with Qualcomm aptX


The packaging these earphones come in is great and includes a lot more than I thought it would, more than it’s competitors would usually include too. You get the earphones and case, USB C cable, instructions, and a variety of earbuds. These include 13 & 12mm rubber earbuds (plus the ones pre-installed, 13/14mm), 12 & 11mm memory foam earbuds, and then small, medium & large rubber ear wings. That’s a lot of choices and including the ear wings is fantastic, as I’ve always found earphones with wings, are more likely to stay secure while working out. The memory foam earbuds are an odd one and a rarity nowadays but it’s great to have them as an option.

The case very much resembles shape and size of the ever popular Airpods but it’s glossy back, which although looks sleek, is an absolute finger print magnet! The case is lightweight and will easily fit in your pocket. There is a single button on the case and a USB C port at the bottom. Why at the bottom? It’s a bit annoying as you have to lay the case down to charge. Granted you’d do that anyway for wireless charging too, as the charging point is on the side. There is also a very small indicator light next to the USB port which pulses while charging. Unlike the TWS5, there are no battery indicator lights. That button is for Bluetooth pairing.

The earphones allow for touch control, with the touch button being the logo part of each earphone. While listening to music, the right earbud controls play/pause if you double-tap. Double-tap on the left for voice assistant. While taking a call, double-tap either left or right to answer and hang up. There is no option for volume control or changing tracks.


These are really small earphones, a lot smaller than the TWS5 and I’m impressed with what they’ve managed to squeeze into such a small form factor. These are too small for my ears though and I kept having to adjust them or push them back in. Fortunately, those rubber ear wings are provided. I put the medium-sized wings on both earphones and it was a completely different outcome. They were incredibly secure and a lot more comfortable to wear. Although very flexible and thin, the actual wing part is alot thicker and really helps keep the earphone in place. They were a little fiddly to put on.

Audio performance is very good for the price. That price is ¬£89.99 right now and I think these are in that sweet spot for quality vs cost, with quality outweighing the cost. I listened to a variety of tracks, mainly old school classics punk rock classics, with the odd bit of Kayne or Luke Combs. They offer a fairly balanced sound profile. There is enough bass there but I did find on some of the tracks, the treble was a bit too much and came through more than I wanted it too. I used these for circa 6-8 hours on and off during the week and I really enjoyed using them. These are exercise proof, I used them for a spin class, they didn’t fall out and worked great for the duration.

Battery life looks good, I didn’t notice much of a drop is the battery but I did put each earphone back in the case after use, so they were getting topped up. The wireless charging works as expected, put the case on the point and the small red indicator light flashed, showing it was charging.

A couple of negatives. Without having multiple indicator lights, it’s hard to tell what the battery charge is on the case which is a shame. Also, when the ear wings are on, the earphones do not fit in as snug into the case, nor does the lid close so easily, it actually catches on the earphones a little.


A solid pair of earphones from Edifier. A clear & obvious improvement in appearance and quality over the TWS5, with a relatively low price tag. Sleek, small, and comfortable but not quite perfect. For more info, head over to the official Edifier TWS6 webpage.