Currently as result of the COVID-19 pandemic most people have been advised to practice social distancing and self-quarantine by staying at home. Traveling has been restricted in major cities across the globe. Global and local events are either being put on hold , moved to a later date or canceled including the almighty Tokyo Olympics2020, which will now (hopefully) be happening in 2021 but will retain its brand name Tokyo 2020.

A great number of people all over the world has been forced change their everyday lifestyle in an attempt to “flatten the curve” of the pandemic. Schools are forced to embrace online classes as the only way to keep in touch with their students while school buildings remain closed.

Businesses on the other hand have either adopted remote work or shot down. Social outings like visiting the gym, club or bar aren’t possible right now. All these disruptions are all in line with medical advice on reduce the spread of the virus. On the other hand one living this isolated and inactive lifestyle for a long period makes one feel bored, restless, and lonely. Thanks to technology that offers us a good number free and low-cost ways to manage this condition. From socializing to virtual sightseeing, learning new skills to staying active, here’s how to survive life under lockdown with your Top-Five Mobile Apps You Need During Lockdown.


Houseparty is a social networking platform which provides subscribers with group video chatting experience over their mobile device that enables group video chatting. It notifies a user when friends are online and available to group video chat.It can be installed on Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices. Houseparty has over 10 million users with 3.6 average reviews from 13k users and is allowed for users above 12 years. So now you can keep touch with everyone you miss at the tap of the button.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy invariably is a must add to the list of apps that will be useful in coping with moments of lockdown and isolation as it provides a wide range of courses across various disciplines that one can take advantage of to gain more knowledge. It provides users on-demand access to thousands of video courses in multiple languages and tracks progress with exciting practice exercises

Google Fit

Google Fit offers a wide range of features from defining your long term fitness goals to tracking progress on your wrist watch and connectivity with other fitness app. It is designed in collaboration with WHO and AHA for optimal fitness training using verified heart points count that is properly correlated with one’s health status. It is a free app that can be installed on Android, iOS and Windows devices.

Cover Fire

The app provides and amazing video gaming experience with exciting features like modern control, shooting storyline, HD graphics, offline play mode and lots more this helps one fight boredom while staying safe at home.


This product from the popular Facebook brand offers awesome contents from entertainment to educational and lifestyle. It also provides an private messaging options for users. It is a free app that is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows devices.