You know Tile? The little keyrings or stickers you can attach to personal items, which then allows you to track them? They have a number of existing partnerships, the most recent I tried being with Skullcandy and their Crusher ANC headphones but in today’s news, they have a new partnership.

Tile have teamed up with Intel, to bring Tile’s finding technology to the latest i9 CPU’s. I kid, they’re adding them to a more practical product, laptops and notebooks.

“Most of the world is working from home right now, making laptops and portable devices more critical than ever. We rely on them to maintain continuity and keep information safe. But we’re also relying on them to stay connected with loved ones,” said CJ Prober, CEO of Tile. “Our work with Intel means we’ll be ready to help PC users avoid disruption and keep track of their devices once we’re all on the move again.”

The updated Intel solutions are expected to be available later this year for OEM adoption and will allow PC users to find their laptop or notebook even when the device is in sleep mode. The Tile and Intel teams are already working closely with PC manufacturers to determine the best Tile experience for their customers.

“This collaboration with Tile is an exciting addition to our world-class wireless connectivity solutions. We are always looking for ways to further enhance PC platform experiences and in this case, we enable new capabilities including enhanced security by simplifying device tracking and recovery for both consumer and commercial PCs,” said Eric McLaughlin, Vice President, Compute Client Group, General Manager Wireless Solutions Group, Intel.

Tile recently announced its first commercial laptop product with HP; the Intel collaboration further solidifies the company’s expansion in the PC vertical. In a recent global survey conducted by Tile, nearly half of all respondents said the most common place they lose items is in their own home. Seventy-two percent said the ability to locate their lost or misplaced laptop would be “very” or “extremely valuable”.

I get it, it makes perfect sense and it should be a relatively cheap add on, so prices should increase too much. So watch this space, as your next laptop may have Tile built in and if you misplace it, you should be able to find it very easily.