Zotac’s Announcements at Computex ’17

Zotac are a brand that specialise in the small and the mighty and this year they have not disappointed. They started with the first mini PC they brought to world, the MAG ND01 back in 2009 and followed on to the first Mini PC that was VR Ready, the MAGNUS EN980 released this time last year at Computex, Taipei. They continue to innovate and bring the power that as PC gamers we’ve come to love and continue to place it inside small-form factor enclosures. We recently got to try out one of their high end MAGNUS boxes at Comic Com ’17  but now with a re-brand and some new slightly larger PCs, they have got my – as they always do – full attention.


Enter Zotac Gaming and the MEK

The Mini-ITX form factor of the MEK is slightly larger in size than what we are used to seeing from Zotac, but still manages to pack a punch when it comes to raw performance. The new MEK PC is definitely built with gamers in mind, housing a Gen 7 i7 processor alongside an nVidia GeForce GTX 1080 Mini. The processor is cooled using a low profile aftermarket cooler to ensure temperature performance stays as strong throughout your gaming session.

Things Just Got Smaller

Zotac’s MAGNUS range of small form-factor gaming PCs have also had an overhaul. They now feature full desktop sized nVidia GTX graphics cards which will take full advantage of any extra graphical performance for your games. They’re also upping their game by including an AMD Ryzen or Intel Core i7 7th Generation processors inside.

Secondly, they’ve made a PC even smaller than their current range with the new ZBOX Pico PI225. This credit-card sized machine (not literally although would be awesome) is just 5.5mm thich. It’s powerful enough to drive a 4K display and is light enough to carry around with you. They come with support for an i7 7th Generation or AMD AM4 APU processor.


Continuing our ‘small talk’, Zotac have announced they’re making a new range of mini GTX1080Ti. Coming at only nine inches in length, it’s the perfect size to fit those smaller cases. You will even have the choice of having fan cooling or a pre-installed waterblock for your watercooling system. There’s also a new full sized GTX1080Ti ArcticStorm on the way so keep your eyes open for that beast.

VR Freedom

Last thing Zotac showed off at Computex ’17 is their new VR backpack. For what is basically a PC strapped to your back, it provides users a cable free VR experience when playing the more movement focused titles. It packs a 7th Gen i7 processor and enough power to run VR titles. It comes ahead of Zotac’s exclusive VR e-sports competition. They’ve already got some top DOTA teams in the mix, so why not branch out right? I’m looking forward to seeing what VR e-sports looks like,