Sol Republic Amps Air Review

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We have tried products from Sol Republic before, all of which being very decent quality and good value for money. This time round, we have their latest, high end wireless earphone solution, the ‘Amps Air’ and after watching the trailer for them, they look very smart!

Straight away, the box oozes sophistication and luxury. Tilt your head to see the side of the box, and you will be greeted with the earphones themselves, within a clear plastic housing. Pull the tab on the side of the box and the contents slide out. There is a solid, clear plastic case housing the earphones and then there is a cardboard box. Within this box is a small, grey, plastic carry case for the earphones, that also acts as a power bank which charges them. GENIUS. Within the box you also get different size ear buds and a USB cable for charging.

The earphones have a matte black, wavy construction, with shiny rose gold ends, which also act as buttons. They are very lightweight and come with multiple ear bud sizes, to suit any ear shape and size. They also have a small indicator light on them so you can identify different actions. To me, they are a little big, but they have a lot of tech inside them, so I can’t complain. Lift the lid on the carry case and you will see two slots for your earphones that have a snug and secure fit, thanks to built-in magnets. On the side of the carry case is a USB and microUSB port, behind a hidden cover. The case is very lightweight, easy to hold and offers the highest level of protection for the earphones.

amps_air_rose_goldSo they look pretty good and I already love the carry case, but what features do they have?

  • They come in Jet Black, Rose Gold, Rich Teal, Deep Blue
  • Get the perfect in ear seal and maximum noise isolation with 4 different ear tip sizes so you hear your music without the noises around you.
  • Sweat and rain resistant.
  • 3-hour battery life.
  • Carry case offers 15 full charges, which is 45 hours of playback!
  • Carry case also acts as a power bank, so you can charge your phone on the go with desired.
  • Answer calls & control your music with the built in button.

Setting up the earphones was quite easy. Once they are full charged, via the carry case, you press the button on each earphone and await for a white light to appear on both. This means they are connected to each other. Now you just need to go into the Bluetooth settings on your device and pair to ‘Amps Air’, that’s it. No need to set up the carry case, simply plug it in to a power socket via a USB cable (plug adapter not included) and charge it up. There are four white indicator lights on the case, so you can monitor battery levels.

These earphones offer very good sound quality. I enjoyed listening to a variety of my favorite tracks and there was a well balanced mix of sounds coming into my ears, for my enjoyment. Other things I really liked was the carry case, which I think is just genius. No longer will you have to wait to get home to charge your Bluetooth earphones, as once they run out of charge, put them in the carry case and let them charge.  I can’t fault the aesthetic design of these either, they look stunning in my eyes.

amps_air_with_caseThings I don’t like with these earphones is that for me, they weren’t as secure in my ears as I would have liked. Everyone has different size and shape ears, so perhaps mine just weren’t compliant but I had to fiddle a few times to keep them in and I know for a fact, if I used these out on a jog, they would be in my pocket in no time. That being said, when I did have them in, they were comfortable and offered very good sound isolation. Maybe not a dislike but something to mention, is that when taking phone calls or using Facetime/Siri, the earphones will only work in mono sound. Not a deal breaker for me but it needs to be mentioned.

Overall, very nice earphones, that look good and sound good but may take a little adjustment and getting used to. They currently retail for £149.99, which is a little steep but I would say they are worth the money. For further info, visit the official Sol Republic website.

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