Ballistix Sport LT RAM Review

PC speeds are getting faster and faster, there’s no doubt about that. It’s down to the parts inside. RAM, the component that’s responsible for your system’s short term data memory (it stores the information your computer is actively using). The more programs your system is running, they more memory you’ll likely need. Computers now are running a minimum of around 8GB as a standard amount, and gaming machines are putting more and more memory into their machines to beef them up.

Now Ballistix has released their new Ballistix Sport LT memory kits, of which come in various different sized sticks ranging from singular 4GB right up to 32GB kits, which will include four 8GB sticks. They’ve released them in several colours being red (which we’re looking at today), grey, white and black. The digital camo head spreaders is what makes these RAM sticks shine, and give customers the chance to have some kind of colour coordination inside your machines.

The Ballistix Sport LT RAM sticks are without a doubt aimed at gamers and PC enthusiasts. They come in the new DDR4 format which gives you an increased performance with demanding applications. They will also give you plug-and-play ability without having to run any kind of BIOS configuration. The correct speed of 2400MHz and with timings of 16-16-16-39-2T will detect automatically. They’re ready to go from the box. They sit a little over 40mm making these sticks perfect for small form factor towers, or those of you who use large CPU coolers.

With the speeds that these RAM sticks achieve give them an average ability compared to the rest of the market. However, with the slight overclocking features available in the BIOS, you will be able to give your sticks a nice performance bump which enables them to really rival the higher specced competition. What more, the Ballistix Sport LT RAM sticks come with a lifetime warranty too. If you require more information, then please head over to the Ballistix website.


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