RiftAnalysis – A Tool For Match Performance Review

Ahhh League of Legends, you addictively annoying game. We’ve had some fun together, and some absolute nightmares too. Well, more nightmares than good times but still, I love it none the less. To be honest with you, I’m not really that good. Have never ranked, and have lost more matches, a lot more in fact than I have won. But where am I going wrong? Hopefully RiftAnalysis can help me out.

RiftAnalysis comes out of Fluendo, a developer of analytical software for sports industry. It’s a bold move as they’re usually a company who works on physical sports games, but a great one if it can be done right.

The software is incredibly easy to use. You can import a recorded game – from software such as FRAPS or OBS –  into the RiftAnalysis tool, search for the match data of that particular game and the screen will fill up with annotations based on actions that happened throughout the match. Things like kills, tower destruction and even things like Dragon kills.You can even annotate the video on the fly, enabling coaches to be able to give a better and more detailed insight for players into a particular match. The software has been created to increase team tactics and individual performance.

The software does come in free and premium versions, with the latter only costing £3,99 and will open you up to a more unlimited experience as stated by RiftAnalysis in the table below. And come on, £3.99 to become a better player in LoL? That’s not bad at all.

With Fluendo having such wide experience in sports analysis, there was no surprise that they would drift into the world of e-sports eventually. They’ve focused on League of Legends first due to its popularity inside e-sports, so hopefully will mean that they;re going to be behind more games in the future.


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