Edifier Luna HD Speaker Review


We recently found out about Edifier, after they sent us over a pair of their bookshelf speakers and we were very impressed with both performance and appearance. They have now sent another pair of speakers, a pair of speakers that are bold, modern, futuristic some might say but will they perform as well as they look? Edifier sent over a pair of their Luna HD speakers for us to check out, so lets get straight to it!

Before I even get into the box, I’m so excited to try these out, they look ultra modern and I love it. I grab my knife, make a small incision along the tape, the box opens and all I can see it red. Usually you would associate seeing red with something bad but not in this instance. Pulling the speakers out, I can feel they are heavy and have a good weight to them. I’m worried about finger marks on the glossy red finish but I have to have a feel, a look round.  There are 3″ bass/mid range drivers, plus a 3/4″ silk dome tweeter in each speaker. The bass drivers are hidden within the back of the speaker, which can only be seen at certain angles and the tweeter is protected with a glossy red plastic arch. Perfection!

On the back of the speaker is an input Ive not come across before, but it reminds me of an 6pin cable you see on mother boards, which actually links the two speakers together. There is also power port and an aux in/optical in. Inside the box there is also a remote control, power cable, speaker cable and a 3.5mm aux cable, plus instructions. Overall, I love the way these look, they look stunning! I love the glossy red, with the matte black and a tiny hint of silver. I should add these speakers also come in a glossy black or white finish, if you want a more subtle look.

Now my excitement is over, I guess we should discuss spec / features these speakers offer.

  • Total power output: 15W x 2 (Treble) + 22W x 2 (Bass)
  • SNR: ≥85dBA
  • Frequency response: 50Hz ~ 20 kHz (± 6dB)
  • Input type: Bluetooth 4.0/Auxiliary/Optical
  • Input sensitivity: 650mV ± 50mV
  • Adjustment:Touch keys, remote control
  • Bass & mid-range driver:3 inch (82mm)
  • Treble driver: 3/4 inch (19mm) silk dome

To use the speakers, you need to connect the two together via the 6pin cable, plug them into a power socket and turn them on. As you can see above, you can connect your music player to the speakers via bluetooth or via an aux/optical cable. For me, I prefer cables but the bluetooth option is a handy addition. I did try the bluetooth option, set up the same way you pair any two bluetooth devices and didn’t hear any noticeable loss in quality over wired. The optical input is a great addition, this means I was able to connect the speakers to my TV, PS4 or similar device, which I’m sure will offer a far superior sound to the built in TV speakers, but more on that later.

One of the speakers is the master, the other its slave and on the master speaker, you will find 3 touch sensitive buttons, on/off, plus & minus. With a simple touch from your finger, you can control the speakers with these three buttons. The sensitivity of these buttons is average and they do not always work perfectly, also if you cover all 3 buttons with your hand, it mutes the speakers, COOL! If you are feeling lazy, the remote control works very well as well!


So they look great, the spec shows promise but how good do they sound? They pack a punch, literally, they offer a very punchy sound. The sound is well balanced, mid level vocals sound good, the highs are crisp, instruments are well defined and its finished off with that punchy low end bass. I listened to a variety of tracks and also plugged these directly into my TV, put on Ant Man via Netflix and was really impressed with what I was listening too! Speaker volume is good, will easily fill a living room, suitable for background music, washing the dishes music and semi party mode.

These speakers look like they cost a lot more money than they should, Ive seen them for as little as £129.99 online and at that price, you will not be disappointed! If you are not a fan of the modern look, then these may not be the ones for you but if you are and cant afford the top brands, then these are a happy compromise.

For more info and to purchase, visit the official Edifier website.

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