Booq Daypack Laptop Backpack Case Review

Let me put this to you. You’ve just bought a shiny new £1500 Macbook Pro, and need to carry it between your home and the office, with the occasional visit to Starbucks of course throughout the day to use their WiFi. What do you do? Stick it in a sleeve, then chuck it into your regular work bag? Of course right? NO! You need to get yourself a Booq Daypack to keep it shiny.

The Booq Daypack is a laptop backpack, that gives you enough room to also carry around a few books and folders, as well as a water bottle on each side of the bag. There are even pouches galore enabling you to carry a charger, and a few bits of stationary too.

The whole backpack is made from a very thick, padded almost jean like material, which is great when protecting your laptop from unintentional dings and knocks. Inside is enough padding too to keep everything secure and protected. The rear of the backpack that rests against your back is generously thick and has some cushions which keeps this backpack feeling comfortable throughout the day.

I will say, the space that’s meant to be dedicated to a laptop is really only big enough to house slimline models, like the Macbook Pro for example. We tried larger laptops that we have here and they didn’t fit unfortunately. So I would say this is really a Mac dedicated bag, as they’re seemingly doing the smaller laptop sizes on the market right now.

But this bag isn’t cheap. The Booq Daypack backpack retails at £80, but to be honest, the quality is there. It’s well padded, comfortable to wear, and practical enough to carry around a portable office. Check them out now on the Booq website.

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