What can I say? The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are models that yes, will get you the latest handset, but wow, keep saving for that iPhone X. Now nothing in terms of design was relatively surprising, seeing as we saw so many leaks and videos and images come out over this year. But still, it’s exciting to see Apple unveil it at their impressive Keynote session.

What’s new, is that it’s all screen. Glass front and back and a stainless steel band which makes the phone look like a single piece of material. There’s no signs of banding, where manufacturing has connected the pieces together

Apple have put a Super Retina 4K display inside, enabling the screen to produce 456ppi. It uses OLED technology to keep the phone thin. There is also Dolby Vision tech built in. True Tone Technology is basically Apple’s way of saying the colours will be really good.

Tap the screen to wake it up. There’s no more home button, something that iPhone are really known for, and really dominated the market with their design. Want to back to the home screen now? Swipe the phone up to get to the home screen, whichever app you’re in.

There’s now FaceID, which is going to be some kind of retina scan which has been seen in the likes of Samsung before. It wasn’t said if there was still a password or pattern unlock. Not sure where you’d stand if you break the front cam. Are you now locked out until you take it to a Genius Bar?

There’s now a new A11 Nerual chip inside, which in a nutshell processes face detection on your phone. All for this new unlocking feature. Oh, there is also animojis which can be controlled by your face. So no more monkey with its hands over its eyes, or hundreds of yellow faces to work through. Whether this is compatible with WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger is to be told, but at the moment, it’s an Apple Messaging service.

The camera, and probably Apple’s biggest feature across the board is the dual 12 megapixel camera which now comes with dual optical image stabilisation. So that’s on the f/1.8 wideangle and f/2.4 telephoto lenses. It helps with their new image processing power as well as the new portrait modes. Shallow depth of field type stuff that can be achieved on this device.

The iPhone X is going to be retailing at $999 so it’s not cheap. It’s a premium smart phone after all.

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