The iPad, famous across the globe and a handy companion to most and a near on necessity in this day and age. But if you do a lot of typing with one, you may find it frustrating at times. This is where the Zagg Rugged Messenger comes in handy, a wireless keyboard and durable, detachable case.

Some official jargon from Zagg:

  • Rugged Layers of Protection: Tough polycarbonate layers and durable construction protect your device from impact and corner damage and can withstand drops up to 6.6 feet.
  • Multi-Device Pairing and Wireless Connectivity: This keyboard toggles between two devices at the same time and allows you to switch back and forth instantly. Plus, there are no wires to get tangled between your devices.
  • Laptop-Style Keys: The Rugged Messenger keyboard provides a comfortable, natural typing experience, instead of cramped pecking on a screen keyboard.
  • Backlit Keys: Backlit keys (available in seven colors) allow you to type easily in low-light conditions.
  • Built-In Stand: Secure your device at multiple viewing angles, whether you want to work or just catch up on your favorite show.
  • Rechargeable Battery: You can type up to two years between charges*. The sleep/wake function also helps preserve battery life when the keyboard is not in use.

In the box you get the keyboard with cover, the case and a USB cable for charging the keyboard. The keyboard and case work independently, you do not need both for the system to work but it is advised. The keyboard looks and feels really nice. It’s got a dark grey, rubbery, faux leather feel to it, with folding and magnetic parts, so you can easily stand your iPad. There is a single microUSB port for charging the keyboard. The keyboard itself is a good size and includes all the important keys you would expect to see on a traditional keyboard. The case follows a similar dark grey vibe, but this time constructed from a tough plastic and also looks tough. Army grade type tough.

The keyboard is wireless via the use of Bluetooth technology and as expected, you need to pair your iPad and keyboard together. You can do this by turning the Bluetooth on, on your iPad, hold either of the Bluetooth buttons on the keyboard for three seconds and then pair the two together via your iPad. There are two buttons, as you can pair two devices at once and toggle between the two via the Bluetooth buttons on the keyboard. It was very easy to set up and I set up my iPad and iPhone, to work in parallel.

As for performance, this little keyboard is brilliant. The keys feel and sound like they should and are very responsive. The keys are smaller and more compact than normal but I hardly had to think about where my fingers were going, nor did I accidentally hit the wrong keys at any point. I have used smaller keyboards before, so perhaps that why I found it easy but if this is your first time, it may take a little getting used to. The backlight under the keys is a nice touch and helps when typing in low light environments. I do also like the two device feature, which I did use but can’t really see much use for it, unless you really are a workaholic and need to switch between multiple devices. Handy either way!zagg_rugged_messenger

Good to know: Press the FN + (flashing light) buttons to turn the keyboards backlights on. Continue to hold to change brightness. Press the FN + (rotating flashing light) buttons to cycle through the seven backlight colours.

Overall, this is a great keyboard for any mobile device. Yes this is advertised for iPad, because of its shape and size, but it is just Bluetooth technology, so it will work with Android too. They do offer keyboards for most sized iPads and also the Microsoft Surface. I’ve seen these available online for ¬£50-¬£60, depending on what size/model you are buying. For more info, visit the official Zagg website.