Corkcicle Canteen Review

Okay, so this is a strange one for us, but we’re no way shy to weird and wonderful tech. Well, if you can class this as tech. I think it is, but we’ll see. I’m talking about the a canteen by drinks specialist brand Corkcicle.

So what is special about a canteen you say? Well this one promises to keep you drinks cold, or hot, depending on the beverage inside. The Corkcicle canteen are able to keep your cold drinks cold for up to 25 hours, and your hot drinks like tea and coffee hot for 12 hours. I’ll have to see after I put it to the test.

The Corkcicle canteen comes in a huge variety of colours. I have a grey one here, but other colours include things like olive, off red, matte black, Hawaiian blue and Caribbean green. There are too many to list here, you can check them out yourselves on the Corkcicle website.

The smallest canteen, coming in at 16OZ will set you back $29.95, the 25OZ will cost $34.95 and the large 60OZ is priced up at $49.95. They’re not a bad price considering the quality of the product. It’s very solid, is smooth yet easy to grip while taking a sip and has a rubber base to stop it slipping on the kitchen counter or your desk at work.

The top of the canteen, including the cap is made from metal, which feels really high quality. If you’re thinking about metallic tastes when taking a swig of drink then don’t. It’s completely safe, and have even washed it in warm and cold water, and the quality has remained.

Okay, so back to the temperature claims. I first tried refrigerated water. The temperature of the water before going into the canteen was 13°C and when I checked it 25 hours later, it came in at 19°C, so it didn’t keep the water cold, but still kept it under room temperature which was measured around 21°C. We didn’t bother trying to test the hot water claim, as none of us in the office really drink hot drinks. It’s all about the cold for us mate!

So, for the most part, their claim is true. It still kept cold water under room temperature, but not as cold as I was expecting it to stay. However, the Corkcicle looks great, so there are some bonus points there. The styling and aesthetic looks very pristegious, and looks much better than carrying just your plain old already used several times Evian bottle around with you. There are also a whole host of other products made by Corkcicle other than the canteen, and I just want to collect them all. They’re highly fashionable, and if the canteen is anything to go by, extremely functional. You can find out more on the Corkcicle website.

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