Always running out of mobile phone battery when you’re out? That cheeky barman won’t let you charge your mobile behind the bar? Yes, we’ve all been there, and it’s incredibly annoying, especially when you were going to order that last minute Uber and realise you now have to slog it on the night bus. Well thanks to PNY and their new Powerpack 5200, you will never find yourself in that situation again.

The PNY Powerpack Alu 5200 is a small powerbank that is made from aluminium as the name states. It’s got a smooth exterior body, with a small LED screen on top to show how much power is left inside the powerbank. The screen lights up incase you in dark conditions like inside a bar or restaurant and accurately displays a percentage figure as well as a battery symbol.

There is also a torch on top, so you can use that to scrabble around inside your handbag looking for the USB cable that came with it. Yes, pointing at you ladies! The powerbank is a little too large to be stored inside pockets without feeling uncomfortable.

Up top you will find two USB ports, one to go from powerbank to phone, and the other to go from charging device such as a plug or USB in on your alarm clock to power bank so you can charge the unit itself. The PNY Powerpack doesn’t come with its own USB plug, so you will have to make do with your laptop or desktop to charge the powerbank.

Inside is a 5200mAh battery, which will give your phone between two and three times worth of full charge from dead. I tested this with a Samsung S7 Edge and it managed my phone two full charges and a bit extra with the powerbank being at 100%.

The whole thing is a neat little package, that will get you out of a jam pretty successfully, as long as you remembered to bring the USB cable with you. You can find more information on the PNY website, and even pick one up for yourselves for as little as £8.99 from time of writing this review.