By now  you’ve probably got your hands on Little Nightmares and have played it through til the very end, and found that it was extremely short and if you’re anything like me, having some minor withdrawal symptoms from the game. Good news though, the first episode of the three part DLC expansion is here.

Named aptly The Depths, the first episode of the new DLC is set in the Maw, which is the base part of the ship you found yourself on in the first game. Taking control of The Kid, a small boy with a late 2000s emo haircut, you have to make your way through the Maw, to ultimately face off with Granny.

As this expansion has been released so quickly after the main game, you can expect everything to be pretty much the same. There seems to be no improvements to artwork or gameplay. But that’s not why the expansion is here. It’s to give us a more in-depth look into what this game actually is, and why we’ve found ourselves on  this ship because *spoiler alert* the original game gave us no insight whatsoever.

But there are new enemies. Most notably the enemy  that we’ve branded the Nyngen here in the TechNuovo office. This enemy is an underwater, lanky nightmare that grasps at you with its big long claw hands. It’s disturbing, and does make you jump from time to time. A Nyngen for those of you who don’t know is a semi-mythical creature that lives under the waters of the Antarctic. I say semi-mythical because there has been a sighting on an underwater camera, reported by the British press, but it’s blurry, and probably fake. But I digress…

The new Little Nightmares DLC The Depths is great fun. It’s still got jump scares and makes you feel quite uneasy at times. I haven’t finished it yet, as I’ve been told it’s not as long as the original game, but I’m cherishing every moment I can with it. You can see us play The Depths in the video in the featured image area, or check it out for yourselves on Steam.