Xenta W-04EBY Bluetooth Speaker Review


We have reviewed a couple of Xenta items before, both with positive outcomes so when they mentioned they were sending a new Bluetooth speaker over, we got excited. The Xenta W-04EBY (catchy name, right?), is a battery powered, portable Bluetooth speaker, with a variety of features:

– Bluetooth 2.0
– Built in mic for hands free calling/conferencing
– Two 40mm full ranger drivers
– Ultra bass booster passive radiator subwoofer
– Charging via USB
– Rechargeable battery (upto 7hrs playback)
– 3.5mm Aux in for any MP3/iPod etc
– Auto search and auto reconnect with compatible devices

Right, first impressions. The speaker is very light, small,  and feels and looks good. The Xenta W-04EBY is well built and has a rubbery feel when held, with a shiny black mesh grill. It has a number of ‘feet’ so it can stand in different positions. It fits nicely within my hand and is incredibly light, so great for taking places. Inputs on the speaker include a micro USB port for charging and a 3.5mm aux input. I was able to charge the speaker via PC but was much quicker via my iPhone adaptor. It only took a few hours to fully charge. Buttons on the speaker include an on/off switch, hands free or play pause button and volume up and down, which can also be used for changing tracks forward and backwards, depending on how you press the button.

Setting up the speaker was very simple, instructions are also included if you get stuck. I simply turned the speaker on, waited for a beep and flashing light, then paired my device to the speaker. I used my iPhone for this. My phone found the speaker instantly and connected without a problem. When using the speaker after the initial setup, as long as my phone’s Bluetooth was on, the two paired with each other instantly without me having to go through the setup again which is a great feature.

I mentioned earlier that the speaker was very light, which did concern me a little as the bigger/heavier the speaker magnet, the better the sound quality/bass output but my fears were put to rest. The sound quality is good, there is a decent balance of highs, mids and lows, though a tad more bass would be nice as it can be turned up fairly loud. The speaker actually beeps when maximum volume is achieved. Its loudness would fill a small room but nothing more, and the quality remains throughout. It does not crackle or hiss at higher volumes.

The other function of the speaker is to be used as a hands free, conference calling device. I rang a friend and had a lengthy chat with them using the speaker. Sound quality was good. It was very loud considering and my friend had positive feedback from their end saying they could hear me clearly. I can’t see this function being used often, as the speaker isn’t initially aimed at business men or office use but nevertheless, it’s a useful feature to have.

I cannot see this speaker being used as a ‘party’ speaker. I don’t think the loudness is quite there to cut through the multiple background discussions you generally get at a party. Also, I’m really not a fan of the name, I would have liked to have seen something catchier, the current name isn’t memorable in the slightest.

Overall, very positive results from this little speaker. For the price, the sound quality and loudness is great and easily competes with or betters the bigger brands in the price range. I can see the speaker being used on the beach, taken on holiday or in a bedroom setting with friends.

Currently available from a online retailers or direct from Xenta.