Xenta USB 3.0 Four Port Stand Review


USB 3.0 is not new tech. It’s now so widely available that every new computer comes complete with it. It’s super fast, upto 10x faster than 2.0 which dramatically reduces file transfer times. Xenta now have a few USB 3.0 hubs on the market and they sent us the Xenta USB 3.0 Four Port Stand to review.

First off, lets run through the spec:

  • In-built surge protector
  • Supports Plug and Play and hot swapping
  • Super-Speed USB 3.0 ports with Super-Speed transfer rates of 5Gbps
  • 4No. USB 3.0 outputs
  • It’s also a stand for tablets
  • Works with Windows XP onwards, Linux & Mac OS 10.2 onwards
  • 2 year warranty
  • Included in the box is the unit, USB cable & power supply

So out of the box we have a black, solid metal, hollow, triangular framed stand, with linear rubber padding on the bottom and within the stand section. One side of the stand has the power input, USB output and one of the USB inputs. The other side has the remaining 3 USB inputs, all of which are clearly marked with the distinctive blue USB 3.0 socket. The rubber supports add superb stability to the stand. On a wooden desk, the stand doesn’t easily move, nor does my iPhone when mounted inside. Having the port as a stand is a really neat feature. The port is aimed for office desks to allow for easy USB inputs, when computer bases are located on the floor, but also most people’s mobiles live on their desk. By combining the two together, adds real convenience to any desk. The stand is sturdy enough to take other items too such as tablets and iPads.

So how well did the Xenta USB 3.0 Four Port Stand perform? Pretty well and as expected. I tried a variety of setups, different flash drives and portable hard drives – both USB 2.0 & 3.0 – and a variety of files, which were mainly movies. Transfer speeds were the same as if I had inserted a sstorage device straight into the PC, no gain and no loss. The product isn’t meant to increase speeds, you will only notice an increase if you are stepping up from 2.0 to 3.0. I put multiple flash drives in at once and was able to access, transfer and read files from each drive very easily and without fault. It’s not only for storage devices either. You can plug other USB devices into it, such as keyboards, mice and headsets.

Overall, the Xenta USB 3.0 Four Port Stand is a sleek, well built and practical product that works well. My only negative comment would be that the supplied USB cable is too small, measuring in at 50cm. It’s a little impractical and limits where you can have your stand.

The Xenta USB 3.0 Four Port Stand can be found from online retailers or via Xenta direct for under £20.

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