Steelseries Siberia Raw Prism Headset Review

There is no denying that Steelseries make great looking products. They simply ooze style in a plush minimalistic way and the Siberia Raw Prism follows that formula. The first thing that jumped out at us were the light rings that spread around each earcup. You can choose which colour emits from them using the Steel Engine 3 software. There are a total of 16 million colours to choose from enabling you to be super picky. We’ve gone with a solid blue to match the rest of our gaming gear.

The Steelseries Siberia Raw Prism is made from plastic, and to me seem quite delecate. I wouldn’t want to drop them from a height. There doesn’t seem to be much give in terms of movement although they’re big enough to fit on even the largest of heads. Comfort is key with long gaming sessions and I haven’t found an issue with these yet and I can game for hours at a time. Because they’re made from plastic the Steelseries Siberia Raw Prism are very light so they don’t feel uncomfortable on the head or even the ears.

The foam on the earcups and headband is comfy. The earcups are of the over-ear style and can fit nicely inside the foam giving you better comfort than other headsets in this price range.

The two-channel stereo sound is great to listen to, and no bass or treble level takes over the overall sound experience. Although it doesn’t quite work as well as some 7.1 headsets with gaming, the stereo spread still gives you some sense of direction. You can still clearly hear footsteps coming from behind you or a chopper overhead. It doesn’t have the best sound you can get from a gaming headset but the Steelseries Siberia Raw Prism for the price is definitely worth a look.

For returning Steelseries fans you’ll be happy to know that the headset still uses the Steelseries Engine 3 software. You can manually control the equiliser to perfect your sound. The built-in microphone is a tiny nub that hangs off of the left earcup. It’s hardly noticable and a huge change from how Steelseries usually present their built-in microphones on other headsets. The micrphone optimisation worked well keeping a steady level through loud and quiet sections of multiplayer games. I did however need to change the microphone levels in my Windows settings as on default the Steelseries Siberia Raw Prism can be a tad quiet.

The Steelseries Siberia Raw Prism uses a USB connection to connect to your computer. Unfortunately the only reason for that is the LED rings. This is a little dissapointing especially for soundcard users. But still, you got 16 million colours to play with.

Overall, I liked the headset and am still using it. Design wise it’s subtle which is great and sound reproduction is better than other headsets in the Siberia Raw Prism’s price range. USB didn’t bother me as I’m not a soundcard user and the software although basic, is very accurate.

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