NueVue iPhone Case Review

Regardless of what phone you have, you will notice your finger prints across your screen – day in, day out. You may try to wipe them away but it’s inconvenient and unrewarding knowing it doesn’t last… It’s a problem. NueVue have designed a variety of cases, not only for your iPhone but iPads too, that not only protect your device but cleans it too. We got one sent over to see if it really works.

We were sent a brown leather iPhone 5 case, but they also offer cases for iPhones 4 & 6 and all generations & sizes of iPads, in a variety of finishes such as leather, canvas and cotton. Prices start from around £24.99. The main features of the case are to protect and clean. Every NueVue case features BioCote® technology, which provides continuous antimicrobial protection for the life of the product — actively reducing levels of microbes on the surface and making it more hygienic.


Out of the box, the case looks great, felt great and smelled great as it was made from real leather. The case is very well crafted, with neat stitching throughout. It has that luxury feel about it. This specific case is a tan brown colour, with orange stitching and vibrant purple insides. There is a subtle indented logo on the front and wording at the back. This case also came with a card holder on the rear. This is not standard on all cases but a really handy feature for storing one or two credit cards on the go.

You may be sceptical now, wondering if it actually does clean. I put it to the test. I gave my one year old daughter my iPhone and she played with it for a few minutes, which resulted in near enough my entire screen full of finger prints! I then put my phone in the case, didnt matter which way round and then pushed it out. The case is very very tight. I understand why, as the phone needs to be compressed against the inside walls of the case to ensure it cleans it but I fear some may find it tricky. There is a slot at the bottom of the phone case to allow you to push the phone, rather than try and pull it, which will just add fresh finger prints to the screen.

I’m pleased to say the case did the job and I saw a noticeable difference afterwards. I tried it a few times and more often than not, most, if not all the finger prints were removed from my screen. I must also mention how well protected your phone is when in the case, it will be protected from day to day drops and so forth.

To conclude, this is a great looking, protective, self cleaning case that will make any iPhone user happy with their purchase. Cases can be purchased direct from NueVue now.