Immerse Virtual Reality Headset Review

Virtual reality is becoming widely available with the likes of the Occulus Rift, Samsung VR, Sony Morpheus and many others, yet the price point is still in the hundreds for these devices. The Immerse Virtual Reality Headset aims to bring virtual reality to your home for as little as possible.

Coming in at around £29.99, the headset has an extremely simple set up. All you really need is your mobile phone. It’s compatible with even the largest phones. I used my Samsung Note 3 which has a 5.7 inch screen. All you do is strap it to the adjustable housing in the front of the VR headset and away you go.

The VR headset has a flap down system where by you place your mobile phone securely. From here you can watch 3D movies and even play games. It doesn’t track your head movements like some of the more expensive systems, but it does work surprisingly well.

The Immerse Virtual Reality Headset is made from plastic, I assume to keep the cost down which is great although could see some wear and tear the more it’s used. The phone is then magnified by two eye sockets to give you that greater immersion into the screen.

It’s a great idea, and will get you used to the feeling of being inclosed in a virtual world. There is a dedicated app which houses 3D content built for the headset. However, finding dedicated VR apps can be tricky but VR is still reletivly new to the market so I’m hoping more apps will be available in the future.

It’s pretty comfortable. I was able to watch an entire movie and not feel any kind of discomfort. However, as a glasses wearer, this headset didn’t really fit over my frames.

The Immerse Virtual Reality Headset is a great idea, and one that actually works really well. If you want a step up from a DIY Google Cardbord job then this is definitely where you need to be looking.

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