TP-Link AV1200 Powerline Adapters Review

So you have super-fast broadband in the house. Your service provider is doing a great job keeping the signal consistent, but that wireless modem is some way away from the lounge and office.

And the many walls and lumps of furniture between it and the bedrooms seems to be soaking up tremendous amounts of the wireless signal.

Getting the engineer back in to move the modem to another location may solve the problems of slow speeds on the laptop, home movie PC and Xbox connections, but you just know they are going to charge for the visit.

There are of course many other solutions. Range extenders, boosters,  trailing Ethernet cables around the skirting boards and through the ceilings, or how about a myriad of access points.

All ideas, but there is another way, and it’s so easy, it is painful. Use a TP-Link AV1200 powerline adapter – well, a pair of them and utilise your home’s electrical circuitry.

TP-Link has been wonderful in sending us their new AV1200 3-port starter kit. All you do, plug one in a wall socket near the internet modem or router. Run the generously long Ethernet cable between the two.

Then go off to the room you need some faster web stuff, plug in the second Powerline, run another Ethernet from that to whatever needs the boost, be it the TV, laptop, another PC, games console, network storage, printer, anything you fancy.

And viola – no set up, no messing about, the signal is just there. And this set has three ports, so one Powerline can run three devices. And you still have the wireless option for those devices close enough to the router.

I love simple and this is as easy as it can get. Of course, you can add more Powerlines when you need them. Get one in every room if you like. And it is a pass-through, which means you can still plug in to the mains whatever might have already been there, so you don’t lose a socket.

It claims a data transfer rate of 1200Mbps, but this will depend on how good your electrics are, but the TP-Link AV1200 is still amazingly quick for such a simply solution.