I’m here today to tell you about a new Kickstarter campaign. The campaign is live right now, it’s already smashed its pledge requirement and I’ve actually got one right here, in front of me now. I’m talking about Wype, an all in one, hybrid wet & dry cleaner (vacuum & mop).

Spec & Features

  • 60 minute battery life (2.5hr chargetime + Li-ion 2200mAh battery)
  • Noise < 65dB
  • weights 2.35kg
  • Two tank technology
  • Self cleaning
  • Price $169

Unboxing & First Impressions

In the box you get the cleaner itself, in three sections, the charging & cleaning base, associated accessories, and some instructions. First impressions are very good. It’s an all-white affair, with subtle hints of an orange/rose gold chrome and a splash of grey. It’s lightweight, sturdy and feels well manufactured. From top to bottom, the handle has two buttons, power, and self-clean. Moving down you have a brushed metal shaft, leading to the mop head itself. There are two indicator lights, showing power level and roller replacement requirements. The head itself resembles your traditional vacuum cleaner. It has a clear front cover, which can be opened to showcase the brush and sponge. Keep going further down and the cleaner sits on an all in one charging and self-cleaning station. Sit it on top, it’ll somewhat clip in and begin to charge when contact between the base and cleaners metal prongs are touching. The base also acts as it’s cleaning station, so once you feel the cleaner is dirty enough, pop it on and let it clean itself.

Set Up

Setting up the cleaner was a lot easier than I thought. Simply plug the base in at the mains and dock the cleaner ontop. While you’ve left it on charge for 2.5hrs, fill the base up with upto 3.5L of clean water and soak the foam roller in water until it puffs up. The roller is very much like a paint roller and when dry, it’s very firm but once in water, it begins to loosen and become more like a sponge. They recommend adding some cleaning solution to the clean water, but not washing up liquid or something bubbly. Insert the damp roller into the cleaner and away you go.

It took me by surprise that the cleaner is self-propelled, so when you hit the power button, it will begin to move forward on it’s own. Move forward, it vacuums, move backward, it wipes. It’s genius and ever so efficient. Suck up the debris and dirt going forward, pull it back to clean the area with water (or cleaning solution). Underneath the head is a rubber wiper, which helps leave a clean mop finish when pulling back. Ever been to an ice hockey game and see the machine clean the ice? It was a bit like that, it was ever so satisfying to do.


The overall performance was great. I used the cleaner on wood flooring and stone, and it worked perfectly on both. This cannot be used on carpet! It would suck up anything in its way, which was usually crumbs, bits of food, dog & human hair, bits of paper etc. Likewise, with the mop, it left a shiny, clean finish to my flooring. Forwards & backward, just like you would with a traditional vacuum cleaner or mop.

Now there isn’t a container or bag for the rubbish it does suck up, so bare that in mind and if there is a lot to clean, you will need to self-clean more often to unload. It’s also not a dry vacuum when moving forward, I did notice the floor would be wet when going forward, but not as much as when pulling back.

Battery life is stated for around 60 minutes, which is plenty in my opinion and after using it a few times, 60 minutes seems very achievable. It’s hard to tell an exact figure, as every time you self clean, it may give a little boost to the battery life. The head and shaft swivel very well together. It’s very easy to navigate the cleaner around or underneath furniture. It’s also quite lightweight and very easy to push, thanks to that self-propulsion.

The self-cleaning program is very impressive. Place the cleaner on the base and press the self-clean button on the handle and the 30 seconds (ish) process will begin. The base circulates clean water around the cleaner, discharging any dirty water in a separate compartment and any debris, hair, crumbs etc, into a small tray at the front of the base. When do you need to self-clean? Whenever you feel like it and for me, I’d notice when pulling back the water was running out, so that’s when I did it. Fill the base to the top, there will be enough clean water to clean the downstairs of an average-sized home. The only negative, it’s noisy, really noisy and has quite an aggressive churn to it too. Unlike the cleaner itself, which is very quiet when in use.

With anything like this, maintenance and keeping on top of it is important. It was very easy to remove the sponge roller, brush and rubber wipe, to clean them individually and then also the cleaner. Those three components are replaceable too and it is recommended you do. The roller should be replaced every 6-12 months, the brush every 12 months and the rubber wipe every 6 months. So there is that ongoing expense associated with using the cleaner and that lower indicator light on the shaft, will illuminate when the roller is due a replacement.


I’m so impressed with Wype, it’s a fantastic product, it undertakes two tasks in one, saving me a lot of time and it actually does a really good job at it too. The self-clean is noisy and finding somewhere to store the cleaner could be a problem but other than that, I cant say a bad thing about it.

For more info and to purchase, head over to the official Wype Kickstarter page. They have super early bird deals at £137 but they wont last long!