Here’s everything you need to know about what was announced at this year’s Apple WWDC 2020.

What’s New With iOS 14?

First up was some features of iOS 14, which for some reason, left me a little disappointed. They showed NOTHING new that we haven’t seen before on Android devices. Things like the App Library, which automatically sorts your app into a new tray, to save you having pages and pages of apps on the homescreen. Widgets are now coming to iOS, which display important data like your calendar, the weather for the week or some health information that’s picked up from your Apple Watch. Again, this is something that we’ve seen on Android devices. Not sure if third party app developers will be involved with this, and create widgets for their apps for iOS 14, but time will tell.

The last new feature is what Apple are calling picture-in-picture, and the example they showed off was the fact you can watch a video while texting. Again, Android have had a dual screen feature for a long time now. And I get it, Apple take something and make it better, and the demos they showed looked seamless, but my God Apple need to stop boasting about new features as if they’re thoe most innovative company on the planet.

One big update they’re bringing to iOS14 is for Maps. You can expect a better UI, and now included dedicated maps for cycling, which will include cycle routes, traffic and congestion in major cities and elevation values.

iOS 14 app library 1

The best thing though? New emojis with new hair, new styles, and new face coverings for those COVID coversations.

The 2021 BMW 5-Series will use NFC on your iPhone to unlock your car and start the engine. Don’t lose your phone somewhere… your car will be threatened. But, don’t worry too much, because you can share the admin access of your car with your friends and family who are on iOS 14. The new car update will also be coming to iOS 13 users too.

App Clip – small part of an app that’s quick to discover and download. So if a coffee shop has App Clips, which is a special visual code that the store needs to place in their establishment, you can scan it, download the parts of the app you need in that moment, and then pay for that coffee. It saves into your recent App Clips tab to download fully at a later date.

What’s New With iPadOS 14?

Widgets again from iOS 14. Nothing new here.

Photos have now been turned into larger cavas like display. There’s a side bar that will categorise your photos. You can drag and drop into different albums. Well, the sidebar will be available in apps like Emails and Notes, so you can begin to categorise these too.

The Calendar app now has a toolbar to access all functionalities of the app.

The music side bar will again categorise your music, and allow you to access various playlists.

Siri from iOS 14 and is making an appearance in iPadOS 14 too.

The incoming call screen has been changed to appear as a drop down at the top of the screen, so it doesn’t cover up your whole screen like it used to do. This style also works with Skype.

Search again has been shrunk to look more like a Macbook OS search bar. It’s been rebuilt from the ground up, and works as an app launcher, which means apps will open automatically after it recognises what you’re typing. You can even type in the note you left from your Note app and the file will be found.

iOS Scribble, will make your doodles look like shapes. Life if you draw a naff lightbulb, AI will make it look like a proper lightbulb. While writing, you can highlight things, or make space nicely while writing, and it even recognises your handwriting as type text. So you can directly write onto the browser, and it will replace your handwriting with text so it can search.

It even recognies phone numbers and addresses and you can hover over them to look at them in Phone or in Maps. Now that’s pretty clever if you ask me.

Airpods Are Still A Thing?

Course they are. They’re like the most popular wireless earbuds on the market right now.

A new feature is Automatic Switching, where it detects what device is in use. If you listen to music on your phone, and then watch a movie on your iPad, it will automatically switch to that device. Get a phone call on your phone, and it will switch back.

Additionally, directional audio for immersive sound is being implimented, called Spacial Audio. It uses virtual directional audio filters. Gyroscopes will track the motion of your head so the direction of the sound can be tracked, so nothing feels out of place. This will also track the iPad, so if the car turns a corner and you’re watching a movie in the back, it will know.

Watich OS 7

Multiple stats can be placed onto one watch face, called Complications. So you will be able to see all your fitness stats on one face, or your baby’s sleep and feeding schedule.

These can then be shared online with Face Sharing, where you can go in and download a watch face to your own Apple Watch. You can even send a face to friends and families with an Apple Watch too.

Watch OS 7 will also use the new Maps software, and bring in cycling maps to the device.

In Watch Os 7, they’re adding Dance to their Workout fitness app, and tracks the most popular styles of music for fitness.

All stats can be tracked in a brand new interface nice and clearly. The app is also being renamed to Fitness.

Sleep tracking is a new feature too, with a new app called Wind Down, which will help you transition from being awake to going to sleep. If you’ve set youself a schedule, you’ll only be able to access apps which will help you before you shut your eyes. Things like setting an alarm or listening to music. Once it’s bed time, your phone and watch will go into sleep mode.

There’s an updated area in the health app, which tracks various metrics throughout the night, to help you recognise trends with your sleep patterns.

Apple Watch will also auto-detect when you start washing your hands. It will then coach you on how to watch your hands, and if you stop, it will pause the countdown timer and tell you to wash your hands more.

Smart Home Improvements

The Home app will now recommend a light schedule, automatically open your garage door when yo uget home, or alert you if you left a door open. Adaptive lighting is going to change your smart bulbs throughout the day, to warm lighting in the morning to help you wake up, to white bulbs during the day to increase productivity.

Home kit enabled cameras are now accessible through Apple TV. You can even set activity zones, so the busy sidewalk in front of your house is ignored. There’s also now face recognition on cameras, so if someone rings your door bell, it’ll let you know who’s at the door with a notification, or your home pod will just tell you who’s at the door if they recognise them.

Apple TV is launching a new Original called Foundation, and is also compatible with the Xbox Elite 2 and Xbox Adaptive controllers.

MacOS is getting an upgrade

It’s called Big Sur!

It’s introduces a brand new design, and brings new apps to the platform.

Its new design is featured around new symbol edges, it brings transparency and shadow to bring new light and depth to windows and also look like a new dark mode feature. New sounds have been implimented to features, and buttons have a new feel.

And you guessed it… widgets are here.

The Finder sidebar has been refined, and it now includes new functions in the top area of the panel. The Dock is now floating, so it no longer looks like it’s running right across the bottom of the screen.

Photos is taking on the iPad OS layout, meaning photos now look like canvases and has a new zoom feature which means you can smoothly zoom in and out of a single photo, to your entire library. The toolbar at the very top of the screen is now translucent. The volume bar now looks like a single bar rather than a dotted line, and there is now a ‘do not disturb’ mode that is easily accessed at the top right hand side of the screen. Widgets can be hidden on the right hand side too, so they’re not too intrusive on the desktop.

Your SMS and iMessage messages are now synced between your phone, iPad and MacOS, and now include emoji stickers that can be placed on a conversation real time. Your messages can now be grouped, and you can start group chats.

Again, maps is joining the Mac OS lineup, but is getting a new design exclusive to Macs.

Mac Catalyst can now optimise apps for the high resolutions of Mac screens.

Safari is getting a big update, especially when it comes to loading screen and Javascript implimentation. Apple also boasted that it’s now 50% faster than Chrome. It also impliments all of Apple’s new security features including location status, and what apps do with your data, and password control.

It’s also getting Extensions, which we’ve seen in Chrome. Think things like Last Pass, Crunchyroll, Pinterest and more. Nothing new to browsing tech, but it is for Macbooks.

You can add new backgrounds for your home start screen, and also include new apps, so everything is in front of you when you first open the Safari app.

Tim’s Final Words – Apple Silicon

Apple is now transitioning to their own Apple Silicon. They’ve done it in their phones and tablets, with the new A chips, and now their bringing them to their desktop range! They didn’t give us a name, although Craig did drop an A12Z but told us they will be able to bring better performance to power consumption.

apple SoCs 1

They showed us how fast their new Mac runs on Apple Silicon. Take this with a pinch of salt though, this is after all a pre-recorded demo.

Rosetta 2 will be implimented in a big way, to be able to use apps that haven’t yet been updated to be compatible with the Apple Silicon based systems and Virtualisation enables users to run apps from their iPhone and iPad devices, natively on their Mac. Devs also get a big bunch of tools to start developing software and apps for the new Silicon family.

The first Silicon based Macs will be coming by the end of this year, and will take two years approximately to make a full transition. Intel based Macs though are still on the horizon, as said by Tim Cook himself.

The public beta for the new operating systems announced.

So, that’s everything from Apple. What do you think of some of these updates?