Urbanista Showcase New Products at IFA 2018


We are big fans of Urbanista here at TechNuovo, although it’s been some time since we last tried out some of their products. In fact, it was well over a year ago when we checked out the Urbanista Berlin earphones, and two years ago we check out their compact Bluetooth speaker, the Melbourne, which is still one of my go to speakers when on the move.

Excited to see them at this years IFA, they had some of the classics, such as the Melbourne, which I’m told is lasting the test of time, due to is mass popularity, plus a couple of new products.

First up, is their new Detroit Bluetooth headphones, which resemble a likeness to the Seattle headphones, but these are more compact, portable and more affordable (not that the Seattle is overpriced!).


Detroit is light and compact, it is the perfect travel companion that will be sure to turn heads as you navigate around the city with its voguish charm – keeping up with your wireless listening demands for 12 hours on a single charge.

After a very brief listen, they sounded good, although I’d need to have a further listen to give a full review. Design is subtle, simple, very designer looking, as expected. Well constructed, flexible and fold able. One to look out for!

Next up, the Chicago Bluetooth earphones, which are by far their smallest and most compact, wired Bluetooth earphones. Looking at them, you’d think they wouldn’t offer much in battery performance, as the battery is so small, but in fact, they offer upto 7 hours of playback.

“Chicago is the latest addition to its wireless sports earphone range. A collaboration of refined sound and elegant lightweight design, the Chicago is the athlete’s perfect sidekick with 7 hours battery life and phenomenal audio. Equipped with two types of unique GoFit buds that offer increased sound isolation or more environmental awareness.”


Other notable mentions are the New York headphones, which are their top of the range and includes active noise cancelling and upto 16 hrs of playback! Also, their competitor to the Apple AirPods, the Tokyo Bluetooth earbuds. Completely wire free and charges within a small portable charging pod.

For more info on all these and more, visit the Urbanista website.

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