Groov-e Elite Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

groov-e elite wireless headphones

Active noise cancellation in headphones has always been something that’s been linked to the higher end of the market. And while yes, that is somewhat true, with the release of headphones like the Sony WH-M1000XM3, or the Bowers & Wilkins PX Wireless, the ANC technology has found its way down to the cheaper side of the headphone market.

This is where something like the Groov-e Elite comes in. They’re a set of overear cans that are wireless but also include a degree of active noise cancellation technology too. And to tell you the truth, they’re actually not bad. Okay some of you are probably screwing your face at this right now, but hear me out.

The Groov-e Elite headphones are relatively comfortable, although I did go through a tough break in period, where the top of my ears hurt after extended periods of use. I’m a commuter, so these headphones travelled with me on the train every day and my walk from station to work.

They’re predominantly plastic too which gives them a minor cheapness, but there is a metal band running through the headstrap which gave me a bit of confidence in their durability. There is an included hard case that you can store them in if needing to put them away in a bag.

Being wireless they work using Bluetooth, which was easy enough once I figured out how to turn them on to connect to your mobile phone. However, this is where it all got a little confusing. To power the headphones, you must hold down the play/pause button on the side. To kick in the Bluetooth search, hold it down for a further period of time. Voila, you’re connected. Now, to turn on the ANC, you need to hold down the button that’s on the face of the earcup, which is very flimsy may I add and if anything was to break, this would probably be it.

Now you’re connected and got your ANC switched on and all is golden. You travel to work on the train, uninterrupted by the rumbling of the track and you make it to work. You turn off the headphones and put them away. Come home time, you want your music back so pull them out your bag, only to find the battery is dead. This is because for some strange reason, the active noise cancelling technology stays active, even after you turn off the headphones. They’re on separate switches. Not a great design if you ask me, and one that caught me out a few times.

Sound quality wise they were not bad. There was a distinct lack of bass from the drivers, and even more so less separation between instruments and noise frequencies. They’re a passable headphone if you’re watching Netflix on the way to work and if you’re wanting something cheap to get you by with your music, but for anyone who appreciates sound quality and hunt for the best, these are not for you. The ANC isn’t the best either, and while you can tell that it’s present in your audio quality, it doesn’t quite live up to true ANC, and you can still hear with relatively good detail, the world around you. However, if you do turn the ANC on, you get a far superior bass hit compared to without.

The Groov-e Elite headphones will give you around 10 hours worth of playback which is passable, but will no where near give you a full day’s use. You can’t expect the Bose QC35 II level of battery life here because the price is so low in comparison. There is a 3.5mm aux cable if you want to save a bit of battery life. There’s also a hands-free option if you want to make and receive phone calls. Audio quality I was told was pretty loud by the person down the phone, which is great if like me, you walk through a busy city. The headphones are currently retailing at £69.99 at time of writing, and if you would like any more information on the Groov-e Elite wireless headphones, then make sure you head over to the Groov-e website.

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