Sandisk Extreme Plus SDHC UHS-I Memory Card Review

Sadisk Extreme Plus SDHC UHS-1 Memory Card

As the headline suggests, the model number is a bit of a mouthful on this one, so going forward I’m going to refer to this card as just the Sandisk Extreme Plus. The card we took a look at comes in at 32GB and will cost consumers around £30 online. Prices can vary.

Now there is a bit of a story behind this card. We have just invested in some Sony 4K cameras for our YouTube videos, and of course, had existing SD cards lying around to use. However, we didn’t realise that you needed a certain type of memory card for recording 4K video. It’s to do with the write speed, and the SD card needs to be fast enough to write 4K data to it. In the case of the Sandisk Extreme Plus it can write to the memory card at up to 60mb/s which was clearly beaten in my CrystalDiskMark benchmark test. Of course, I want to state that it does depend on what the memory card is plugged into. In my case, I have a USB adapter that my SD cards plug into which in turn plugs into the USB port of my desktop.

The cameras we used the Sandisk Extreme Plus cards in were Sony A7RIIs. Of course the SII is a better camera for video, but I needed a stills camera too. And with the A7RII have a continuous FPS rate of five, I needed something that could write quickly. I recently shot a wedding, and this card did not let me down once. I didn’t feel I was waiting around for too long while the 42MP photos wrote themselves to the card, and was able to jump in and out of the action relatively quickly. Video on the other hand was a bit slower to write, as of course I record in 4K now.

The overall quality of the Sandisk Extreme Plus card I think is pretty good, and I must admit, I am starting to move over to these cards from my past favourite PNY. So much so that I went out and bought a couple of 128GB variants of this card which cost me around £50 – 60 here in the UK from a high street retailer, and am very pleased with my purchases. They also come with unlimited warranties too, which for me and the amount of photos and videos I take, is great. For more information on the Sandisk Extreme Plus, then head over to the Sandisk website.


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