LG CLOi Is The Cutest Assistant Ever

LG CLOi Smart Home Assistant

While on the LG stand at IFA2018, we were introduced to what I could only describe as the cutest home assistant robot ever. Sorry Alexa, you’ve been replaced. Well, not entirely, as CLOi has the capability of using the Alexa platform to speak to a number of smart devices. It can also use Google’s Home Assistant if that’s your choice of smart platform too.

So what is CLOi? Think of CLOi as the brain to your system, your ultimate digital assistant if you will. Turn your Smart lights on an off, check the ingredients inside your fridge, or even ask her the weather. CLOi will be there whenever you need her. There are a whole host of LG ThinQ products that you can connect straight to the smart system.

LG CLOi SuitBot

Along with CLOi there were a bunch of robots on display too, each with a different function. The first and most interesting was definitely the Suitbot. It’s an exoskeleton that can be used to assist you with walking, and even lifting. A perfect companion for people who are in manual labour type employment. A way of protecting your joints from damage later on in life. It looks very futuristic, and very cool if I do say so myself. They weren’t being demonstrated unfortunately, so we will be keeping an eye on that. Ford have even started using them for their production lines.

LG CLOi PorterBot

The next bot was PorterBot, a service robot that could be used for things like Hotels, showing people to their rooms and ferrying luggage. It can even check you into your hotel so you get to relaxing on your holiday faster than ever.

LG CLOi CartBot

The CartBot looks interesting. Imagine being followed round a supermarket by one of these. The built-in barcode scanner and wireless payment enables shoppers to completely skip the queues, so there is no need to stand around waiting for your shopping to be rung up. However, I’m a little worried, as these bots could potentially take over jobs.

LG CLOi GuideBot

The last two were a GuideBot which can take you to a particular shop in a shopping centre, or your airport gate. They’re already being used in Incheon Airport, near Seoul, South Korea, and all you have to do is show the GuideBot your plane ticket and off it goes. The other is a CleanBot, which is pretty self explanatory. With two big brush rotors on the front, it can keep your floors squeaky clean.

LG CLOi CleanBot

I know that these robots are being aimed more at the service industries, after all, they are pretty chunky pieces of kit. However, I’m not sure how practical it would be to have one of these around the house. I mean the CLOi brain part of the system is small and cute looking, and makes noises when you stroke it, but I imagine it’ll cost 5x that of an Amazon Echo speaker. So we’ll see.


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