Top 5 Benefits of Using PowerPoint in eLearning


We’ve all used PowerPoint at some point in our lives. Even today, the tool fits all our needs more than any other tool out there. Several attempts have been made by different companies to come up with something that will replace the good old PowerPoint but that didn’t seem to work. PowerPoint currently holds around 95% of the market share, leading the presentation game and remains the first choice of users to present visually attractive information with its advanced features like scalability, templates, high visual presentation, etc. 

PowerPoint was released in 1987 and it still continues to lead the market and value to the needs of the users. That’s the reason you still see PowerPoint at a lot of places in the eLearning world. Many newer tools also use PPT as their base, that’s the level of craze of PowerPoint in the market. 

In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of PowerPoint in eLearning and why it still holds so much importance even today.

  1. Content Development is simple – PowerPoint comes with inbuilt templates that are easy to adjust to your needs. You can easily change the fonts, their size, and their colours. This facilitates creating content that reflects your brand and you can easily create a document that is unique to your organization. Another advantage is that it will look like you created the document (from scratch).

PowerPoint offers multiple layouts that are ideal for plain text, visual effects, videos, or audio. Creative tools like text bubbles, arrows, shapes, and the like make sure that even the simplest of content is visually attractive. One of the best use cases of PowerPoint eLearning is to create internal documents for new hire solutions that do not require advanced presentation features.

In other words, you’ll be able to create eLearning content that will be unique to your organisation.

  1. High Scalability and Flexibility – PowerPoint is a tool that offers great flexibility and scalability. It offers many free third-party integrations for making your content even more visually attractive – multiple plugins offer creation and sharing of videos easier, and tools that facilitate the creation of charts and timelines. 
  1. Easy Conversion and Sharing – Another benefit of PowerPoint is that it offers easy conversion to multiple formats like Word, PDF, and HTML5. 

Why not convert your PPT to an interactive video and upload it on YouTube, or convert your PPT into a video for your presentation and eliminate the need to switch the slides again and again?

Save-as-PDF might also be a good feature for users who prefer light files with not many effects. PDF is a universal format and is supported by all modern media devices.

  1. Regular Updates and Improvement – Microsoft PowerPoint has been in the market for more than 30 years now and still there is no single user that has utilized all its features. That’s the beauty of PowerPoint. Microsoft has always managed to provide regular and necessary updates to keep up with the current market. 
  1. Large community and easy access to online guides – Stuck somewhere while creating your PPT and don’t know how to move ahead? If you need any external help, you can easily get it online. Just search for your problem or type ‘PowerPoint Guide” and you will see tons of data to solve your problem. 

Some PowerPoint Tips and Hacks

  • Slide Master – Need to give your course a professional look? Use the Slide Master to ensure that your layout is consistent. It also eliminates the need to change your layout every time you create a new slide.
  • Custom Themes and Templates – PowerPoint comes with inbuilt themes and templates but if you wish to go that extra mile, use custom themes.
  • Leave some white space – Don’t make your presentation overcrowded. Allow it some white space to breathe. 

Even after being in the market for more than thirty years, powerpoint is the first preference of many users and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to change soon. Thus, it seems fair to suppose that PowerPoint is gonna be the backbone of the eLearning industry.

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