Body Scan Your Way Into A New Wardrobe Online

meepl body scan 1

I for one hate going shopping. The crowds, the trying on of garments, the queueing at the till, and the stress of finding that perfect new outfit. Which is why a new technology from meepl has me intrigued.

They’re a 3D Virtual Dressing Room, that uses smartphone body scanning technology that can create a 3D body model of yourself and calculates a list using 45+ different body measurments.

The use will be specifically for e-commerce sites so users can see how their new clothes will fit before hitting that Add To Basket button. Did you know that 21% of online shoppers don’t buy from fear of clothing not fitting when it turns up at the door? This new meepl tool should help releive some of those shoppers.

So how does it work? Well the 3D Virtual Dressing Room will give users a virtual avatar, which uses AI technology to simulate 3D garmetn models in real time. This tool promises to give a close to true representation of gender, fit, size and shape. And all it requires is two images from yourself to get started creating a meepl.

Ferdinand Metzler, CEO of meepl said: “Retail businesses are increasingly focused on developing and improving the online shopping experience for customers. Technology has developed exponentially over the last few years and the realms of what is now possible are exciting for both retailers and shoppers. Online retail businesses that explore Virtual Dressing Room solutions will better assist customers to experience the look, style and fit of garments on their own personalised 3D version of their body. The addition of this experience to the online shopping journey will help to tackle the need for unnecessary returns, and improve the purchase success rates.”

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