TIBO Kameleon Touch Speaker Review


Last month, Stef checked out the Tibo Sphere 2 wireless speaker and he spoke very highly of it. It’s now my turn to check out something from Tibo, the Kameleon Touch speaker to be exact. The Tibo Kameleon Touch is a network enabled, Bluetooth speaker, which can be grouped together with similar speakers to offer a multi room speaker solution. Oh, and it also includes Alexa, so you can ask her lots of random questions! We like to do that here.

As mentioned above, this speaker can be used as part of a multi room set up, which is most commonly associated with Sonos. Sonos has fierce competition now and Tibo are out to take their crown. The Tibo app, free on iOS and Android, will allow you to connect up to 16 devices, which should be more than enough for a standard home. You can control each speaker individually or group them together to get a stereo sound. A nice touch that I randomly found out is the app/speaker will work with other smart WiFi speakers, which is great as I have three of those set up at home already by a different brand. If you do not want to set the speaker up on your network, you can also use the speaker via Bluetooth and a 3.5mm line in.


A big feature we need to talk about is of course, Miss Alexa herself, or is she married? Hmm… anyway, the speaker has a built in microphone, so you are capable of speaking to Alexa. You do however need to set this feature up first via the app. I’m sure you’ve seen the adverts around before but if you haven’t, Alexa is Amazon’s AI, you can ask her questions, place orders through Amazon, change music tracks and even control home automation/smart devices within your home. She’s great, she’s a lot of fun and can actually be very helpful at times. Simply say ‘Alexa, play the next track’ and she will play the next song. You get the idea!

The speaker itself is relatively small, coming in at just over 200mm wide. It has a good weight to it and feels well constructed. There is a touch screen located on the top, rubber feet on the bottom and it’s entirely wrapped in a mesh cloth. Either side of the speaker has a magnetic plastic panel, which you can change to suit your decor. These panels come in white, dark grey and walnut. It looks good, it’s a good size and I like that you can change the panels up but the mesh covering, it’s a little too flimsy for me. There are two speakers at the front of the speaker, one on the back I believe and they are packing 30 watt of RMS power, 6 ohms, 88 dB 180Hz-15KHz.


Setting up the speaker was easy, just download the app and follow the on screen instructions. I hadn’t thought about it but the app itself will also pick up your other smart speakers on the network, which I found quite handy. The app is good, it’s easy to navigate and very user friendly. Via the app you can control each speaker, group of speakers, change settings and visit 3rd party apps such as Spotify. On the top of the speaker, are the touch buttons, which work well. You will find all the usual buttons you’d expect to see, but five pre-set buttons, which can be toggled through for thousands of internet radio stations and playlists.

Sound performance is good, high and mid tones are crisp and precise, with just enough bass at the low end. It’s not a big speaker but can get rather loud and maintain most of its quality at the high volumes. On its own, it would fill a living room quite easily, add another to get stereo sound in that room and then keep adding them around your home to get that glorious home wide audio experience.

The sound and build quality is good, I like that you can interchange the panels to suit your mood and it has Alexa built in. I’m not so keen that you need to press a button to get Alexa’s attention, unlike the Amazon products and I’m not a fan of the mesh, as it may sag and doesn’t protect the speakers much. The Kameleon currently retails at £149.99, which is a competitive price for the quality and smart features. The Sonos Play One is the exact same price but doesn’t include Alexa. For further info and to purchase, visit the official Tibo website.


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