STM Saga 15" Laptop Bag Review
The Good
  • Very well built and some protection from water
  • Very roomy inside the main area
  • Decent amount of padding if you're carrying a heavy load
The Bad
  • No side pockets except nets for water
  • No zip on the main front pouch
3.8Overall Score

Heavy duty laptop bags, my favourite! As I’m known for carrying around chunky gaming laptops with me rather than the sleeker looking Macbook Pros. Sorry guys, but I like a bit of Rocket League in Starbucks. That’s why I’ve started using the STM Saga 15″ Laptop Bag.

Now this backpack is nice. It’s made from 100% polyester which feels tough when pulled on and gives it an element of waterproofing. I couldn’t say if it was 100% waterproof, as I was never caught in a downpour, but it did keep my stuff dry while in light rain.

The bag is also pretty big, coming in at 20 litres. Like I said I carry around chunky laptops, as well as things like files, books and stationary to and from the office, and I had no trouble fitting my stuff. I even used it to carry some clothes for the following morning too when I stayed out one night. Loads of room, and it never felt like my belongings were being crushed.

The bag is made up of three compartments. The main compartment is where most of your stuff is going to be kept. It’s top opening so if you pack something at the bottom, be prepared to remove all of your stuff to get to it. The second is a small pouch on the top lip of the backpack designed for smaller items like a mobile phone, portable charger or maybe some spare batteries. The third is on the front, and unfortunately doesn’t come with a zip but is very deep. I never kept anything in there because I didn’t want to be at risk of wondering hands pick pocketing my backpack.

One thing I miss having with the STM Saga are side pockets. There are two netted pouches either side for waterbottles, but I really miss having those extra storage pockets to separate some of my stuff, rather than having to rely on the main bulk of the pack.

Straps are super comfy and adjustable for even the biggest of people, and the padding down the pack of the backpack is super firm so it never felt like a burden to carry around. Design wise this backpack is very minimalist with a small red band going across the front as well as a small red logo on one of the straps.

If it wasn’t for that lack of zip at the front, and the inclusion of side pouches, I would say this bag is perfect. But, because there is no zip across the front pouch, it’s pretty much made that pocket redundant. The main area is huge for loads of stuff and it’s comfy to wear though, so swings and roundabouts. For more information you can visit the STM website.

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