Wiz Smart Lighting Range Review

Customisation in the home is key. It’s our personal space, and we design the space depending on our personalities. Some like minimalist, others like mahogany wood. But there are also some like me who love the idea of tech. Everything needs to be gadgety. I wanted my home to reflect me, so I decided to check out the Wiz Smart Lighting range.

Wiz sent us through some of their products, the first being a bulb kit. The fittings are A.B22 so you need to make sure your light fixture is compatible. I found that the top down light in my room wasn’t so had to put them into my hallway landing and also dining room wall lights. They worked perfectly and powered on no problem.

The second was a spotlight. A small dome shaped light that can be positioned to fire outwards into a room, or straight up at the ceiling. This would act as a nice light for a bedroom lamp, or even some kind of behind the TV uplight to give the room some ambiance. It’s quite small and shines very bright at max level.

The third was again a side light, but this time the whole light is diffused behind some frosted plastic. It gives off a nice glow, and isn’t too hard on the eyes. It has definitely been designed to give off some kind of ambiance in the room. A light for the evening time where you want to relax in a dimly lit room. That kind of thing.

All the lights including the two bulbs work through the Wiz app which was a breeze to set up. You’re required to login with your WiFi password and from here, turn the lights on and off to sync them with your signal. I entered my WiFi password in wrong at first, and the lights flashed red to let me know there was an error. Once I corrected this, the lights were found straight away and off I went with the customisation.

All Wiz lights are RGB, meaning there are around 16 million colours to choose from to shine in you room. There are tons of preset light shades which you can select and to be honest with you, I stuck with these pretty much most of the time. From what I see on the app there doesn’t seem to be a way of combining your own colours, like with the preset options which is a shame. So no blue to yellow to green effects going on here.

The app even lets you schedule what time the lights will come on, which is a great touch. If throughout the day you want to display different colours, then time them to activate at a certain time. Want some warm orange for sunrise and some cool blue for sunset and night? Schedule it. It all works amazing.

Wiz have really got some pretty good products on the market, and they’re definitely one to take on the more prominent of lighting like the Philips Hue setup. They’re very cost effective and give off a a premium feel in the home. The only downfall I found was the physical size of the bulbs. Inside my light fitting they were very big and looked a little silly, so bare that in mind too.

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