The Top 5 Technology Trends To Watch In 2019


Since the integration of the modern internet, it is safe to say that absolutely no one expected how fast technology would improve throughout the years. Perhaps more surprising than that, especially for experts, is how technology has managed to stay on a steadily increasing trend line with no sign of dipping or slowing down.

More than anything, this has led to the rapid production and distribution of technology on a pace that is only going to lead to mass technological integration. In simpler terms, it will one day allow us to use technology within our own bodies for our benefit. In fact, we have seen some sign of that with technology such as virtual sunglasses, GPS microchips, and other similar pieces.

Not to mention the advancements that have been made in industries such as the medical industry that is proving to literally save lives. Simply put, technology will always adapt and make the changes necessary for our well-being and convenience.

However, if there is one common staple of technology that has shown itself throughout the years is trends.

Basically, trends in the technology world are movements towards one specific area or direction.

This could mean directions towards things like augmented reality, smart cars, and everything else in between. What is amazing about technological trends are that they tend to help out in other areas in the same field. In other words, they tend to naturally create solutions that other areas are struggling with.

As we can imagine, this has been one of the biggest reasons why technological innovation has stayed on a rise that no one ever saw coming. In addition, it is one of the reasons why there is always new trends year after year.

As a matter of fact, we have yearly competitions and conventions to show off some of these amazing innovations based on the simple fact that there is always new pieces of technology to look at and learn from. Tech conferences and talent shows always bring in people within the millions.

As for the year 2019, the trends made this year have been some of the most well-rounded in history.

They have brought a unique blend and insight into what the future looks like. So, with all that in mind, let’s take a close look at the top 5 technology trends to watch for in 2019.

#5: Stronger & More Complex Cybersecurity

One of the most important technology trends to look out for in 2019 is stronger and more complex cybersecurity

If there is one major downside to the rise in technological innovation is that it has brought with it ways to exploit it. The unfortunate reality is that there is not just one way but several different to exploit it. This problem has even gone as far as being a major point of the recent US presidential election with some officials stating that hackers interfered with it.

Nonetheless, technological innovations always find a way to make up for there mishaps. This is where cybersecurity comes into play. Currently, the trend in this area is that it is also getting more personal and detailed.

For example, smartphones today use fingerprint and face recognition software as the first barrier of cybersecurity. After that, password protection and anti-virus software make it so that people can’t be taken advantage of.

Considering how it is only getting better as time goes by, who knows how strong it will be in a decade or so from now? Only time will show the answer.

#4: Virtual Private Networks

Somewhat a part of the cybersecurity area of technological trends, virtual private networks are another specific area that plays a big role if you need protection online. To break down what virtual private networks are, also known as VPN, they are a way to use online encryption as a way to safely access a remote computer over the internet.

Broken down even further, they allow someone to safely access the internet online over an unknown or public wireless connection. They protect against attacks like DDoS, fake wi-fi connections, and other similar online traps.

Even better, they allow one to do so with the touch of a single button. Again, this is a sign of how advanced we have made technology throughout the years. Nonetheless, the trends in this department have resulted in many VPN services all offering their own unique protection services.

Best case scenario, this is going to create nationwide protection broadband for every online user to enjoy. In turn, it is going to make it extremely difficult for hackers and black hat exploiters to take advantage of innocent people. The same thing can be said about VPN services that were said about cybersecurity services as a whole, only time will show how strong they will become in the near future.


#3: Human & AI Collaboration

The next trend to watch out for in the year 2019 is human and AI collaboration. Having already discussed how technology is going to create more integration within us, this trend is perhaps the most obvious sign of what is to come.

Currently, robotics and other artificial intelligence pieces are doing nothing more than copying commands that imitate human interaction and activity. The goal within these areas is that AI will grow to the point where it can produce its own creativity and commands to then interact with other artificial intelligence pieces.

While that may be a long ways away, the way we are building towards that is through the collaboration of humans and AI. To name a few of the many examples of how we are doing this, we are now collaborating through online recognition tests, memorization teamwork skills, and other similar tests.

Again, while AI-To-AI collaboration is in the making, this trend has led to recent creations such as smartphone personal assistants and smart cars which we use every day.

The only downside is that some people might want to use this collaboration to get there way through violence. However, we have to remember that technology always finds a way to correct its mishaps.

#2: Data Extraction With Privacy

For those who are unaware, data is what allows technology to learn and improve. Without it, there is no feedback to go off. Thus, there is either no quick technological advancement like the one in place or, there is a slow one.

That being said, it comes as no surprise that data extraction is a trend on the rise in 2019. To be more specific, this trend entails data extraction with privacy in mind. This is to counter the many problems that come with the invasion of privacy laws that have only become more prominent since the turn of the 21st century.

In regards to where exactly we are extracting data without invading privacy, a large part of it comes through social media. Given how large the collective platform of social media is, there really is no better way to get the information needed.

Specifically, this information is being extracted from online surveys, questionnaires, and other similar methods. A more recognized way data is being extracted is through the Census, however, this is a more specified method that only provides numbers as opposed to personal answers.


#1: Virtual Reality

Last but not least, virtual reality is arguably the most popular technology trend in 2019. What is most likely going to happen in this area is that the last version of VR is going to blow everyone away.

In other words, if you’re ready for VR integration, the chances are that you won’t be. It’s simply astonishing to see how life-like virtual reality is. In fact, it has been shown to create real-life stimulants.

When virtual reality has reached its peak, the goal will be to make it indistinguishable from the real world. This is known as augmented reality, where all senses are just like how you experience it in life.

While that seems like a lifetime away, you’d be surprised what technology can do. Whether this ends up being a good thing or bad thing is up for debate.

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