Gtech HyLite Vacuum Cleaner Review


It’s the chore that you either love or hate, the one that can sometimes takes the longest but can also be the most rewarding. Yes, I’m talking about hoovering your home. Technology continues to improve, vacuum cleaners are getting smaller, more powerful and more efficient. I’m sure you’ve heard of Dyson before but what about Gtech? Gtech is a British company, founded in 2001 and they produce a number of electric cleaning products. There most recent release is the HyLite, their smallest upright vacuum cleaner to date. I actually dont mind hoovering and it’s one of my chores around the house, so I’m excited to try the HyLite out.

“We believe the Gtech HyLite is the smallest, most compact high performance vacuum cleaner in the world.”

Tech Spec

  • Lightweight at 1.5kg
  • 4 part extendable handle
  • 20minute run time (average)
  • 14.4V 2000mAh Li-Ion battery (2 hour charge time)
  • Low profile for getting under sofa’s & units
  • Uses bags to store rubbish :/

Look & Feel

The cleaner has the distinct colour scheme and branding associated with all Gtech products, the lime green, black & silver combo. It’s bright, vibrant and it looks fine. Appearance doesn’t concern me much, performance is key here. It’s incredibly small and lightweight, it can be held with one hand and stored almost anywhere, including the kitchen draw. It’s very simply in design, there is just a single on/off button to the top of the cleaner. The battery is also removal-able for easier charging and the internal brushes can be removed for maintenance.

Oh, there a two cute little headlights on the front of the cleaner which illuminate the floor in front of you during use. It’s actually an incredibly useful feature and I’m surprised more cleaners don’t have this feature.

The cleaner comes with a telescopic handle so you do not need to bend down to use it. The handle clips into a steering module, which then very easily clips in the cleaner itself. Pushing the button on the top of the handle will release the telescopic sections, four in total, offering upto 1m (ish) in total height. All in all, a very simple, quick & easy set up.

In the box you get the cleaner with fitted bag & battery, the extendable handle, steering module, 3 replacement bags, power charger and a hair removal tool. Additional bags are available direct from Gtech at £12.99 for a pack of 15.



For this review, I used the cleaner on an average 4 bedroom house, with carpets upstairs and mostly wood flooring downstairs. The suction produced from this little cleaner is phenomenal and very noticeable when using it. On carpet it would suck up everything, including crumbs, hair and that sock fluff you get from new socks. Likewise, on the wood flooring, it would suck up anything in its path. The kitchen floor, full of crumbs after a long week, disappeared without a trace. Removing the handle and using the cleaner by hand on the stairs, was so quick & easy. It was in fact the first time I had ever cleaned the upright carpet sections of the stairs, as it’s just never been possible before with the cleaners I have.

Battery life was very good and lasted for the duration of my clean, which can be anywhere between 15 to 25 minutes. When using the cleaner again, the battery did die shortly after but up until that point, there was no loss in performance that you would usually find in lower quality cleaners. Charge time for the battery is about two hours.

The cleaner does a decent job of getting as close to the skirting boards in my house as it can but that’s it. There is no nozzle adapter for doing the edges of a room or the ceiling corners. I understand it’s not feasible, nor is its concept to allow this but it does mean you will need another cleaner or method to get to those areas.

The wheels on the cleaner is very smooth but the steering module lacks flexibility. On the carpet it wasn’t that bad but on the wood flooring, It was just too stiff and I’d end up actually lifting the cleaner up & changing positions, instead of turning it with the handle. It’s not a deal breaker for me because it’s so light but if you’ve used one of the cleaners with the ball base before, you’ll know what I mean.

The bag was about half full after the first clean and after the second, it was nearing full capacity. The bags are designed to compress the dirt and can in fact store up to 1L of rubbish. They do need replacing though and with that in mind, I’d be looking at using one bag every two weeks (1 clean each week) at a cost of just under £1. Gtech do not advise re-using the bags and after seeing how they fit & work, I’d have to agree with them. I don’t think it’s worth the hassle.


The Gtech HyLite is a fantastic vacuum cleaner, it’s incredibly powerful, well constructed and performs at full output for the entire life of the battery charge. Yes there are a couple of minor issues, that are in no way a deal breaker for me and if you’re happy with throwing away & purchasing bags, this is a must have purchase.

The Gtech HyLite retails at £199 and is available to purchase now.

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